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Should ‘Dreams From My Father’ Be In the Fiction Section?

Obama’s college friend claims drastic untruths in the president’s ‘autobiography’

Here’s a lesson folks: if you ever intend to get your life story published, make sure you tell the complete truth, just in case years down the road you become President of the United States and people fed up with all the lies start digging.

You really won’t want people coming out of the woodwork claiming that you made half of it up.

Definitely don’t invent a girlfriend based on someone else’s girlfriend and then change her skin color just to create a false perception of your life experiences.

That seems like it would be common sense. Like that sort of thing doesn’t need to be said. But you’d be surprised what some people will do…

Read this piece by John C. Drew, a college friend of Obama, especially the parts in which he claims the president completely fabricated a relationship out of thin air.

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