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‘You didn’t build that’ remark is campaign’s defining moment

Now I am first and foremost an Alex Trebek loyalist but even I have to admit that Pat Sajak is one of the most influential figures in American history. For a half hour every weeknight for as long as memory allows, Wheel of Fortune has had the attention of the American public. Few have ever had a better read on the pulse of the people than the King of Gameshow Smalltalk, Mr. Pat Sajak. And he seems to think that President Obama landed on Bankrupt (get it?) when he told business owners that they didn’t build their own businesses.

These defining moments take hold most devastatingly when they confirm what a large portion of the electorate already believes. Taken alone, it seems unfair that a single moment, an unguarded remark or a slip of the tongue can carry such weight. They’re often dismissed as “gotcha” moments, but when voters are able to nod and say, “I knew it,” these moments stick and do terrible damage. We have witnessed such a moment. Pat Sajak, Big Government

Preach Sajak! Preach! I’m buying vowels and whatever else this guy is selling.

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