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Brief Thoughts on ‘Dark Knight Rises’

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne”

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that just leaves you in a state of complete and utter shock and amazement. And by ‘every once in a while,’ I mean probably once every 100 years. The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is quite possibly the best movie of all time.

Not to ruin an incredible film with talk of politics, but the movie itself is rather political. And no, the villain Bane and Bain Capital have literally nothing to do with each other.

In fact, Bane terrorizes Gotham in pursuit of some twisted concept he refers to as ‘true justice.’ He essentially becomes a communist dictator after seizing control of the financial system. And anyone who opposes his idea of justice is dealt with swiftly and violently. He claims to want to liberate the downtrodden people of Gotham but he is really just seeking more power for himself.

For anyone interested in the political/philosophical themes throughout the series, here is an interesting piece from Forbes. It only covers the first two movies, so don’t worry about any spoilers.

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