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U.S. Olympic Uniforms Unveiled

Yikes. And guess where they were made!

So Ralph Lauren was the designer for the U.S. Olympic Team’s opening ceremony uniforms. And, as you would expect, they look like they are straight out of the Polo spring catalogue. I didn’t realize that all 4800 of our Olympians were on the sailing team? Oh well. I guess intimidation is not high on the Olympic Committee’s priority list.

I think the uniforms make our athletes look like a bowl of ice cream, but Paul Achter, a professor from the University of Richmond, knows better than everyone else and says they are militaristic and a form of saber-rattling.

“We know the athletes are not real warriors, of course, but clothing sends powerful messages. Fashion critics long have charged that military fashions are a problem because they aestheticize war and divorce clothes from their true functions and origins. We ought to be wary of efforts to make any aspect of war desirable.

Considering that the U.S. spends more on defense than the next 10 nations combined, some would argue that dressing the Olympians like members of the armed forces during the biggest television event of the year is an arrogant or impolitic choice.” –CNN

Wow. Paul Achter sounds like an absolute joy to be around. But if I was him, I’d be less concerned over the berets and more concerned with the fact that the uniforms were made in China!

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