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Batman’s Battle Against Class Warfare

“The Dark Knight Rises” is a stinging, relentless critique of that upside-down and ultimately indefensible worldview—Andrew Klagan, WSJ

This is the article I’ve been waiting to read in a major publication. It’s pretty obvious that the final chapter in the Dark Knight trilogy was a depiction of the evil that lurks beneath the surface when class resentment (otherwise known as the groundwork for socialism/Marxism) starts brewing.  But for some reason, freedom-minded individuals seemed hesitant to discuss it. Thankfully, Klagan nailed it.

The embittered villain Bane, mouthing revolutionary bromides, stages an assault on the stock exchange. In the midst of the uproar, we hear a police officer say of the stock market, “That’s not my money, that’s everyone’s money”—a recognition, in other words, that the 1% and the other 99% do the work of free trade together. –Andrew Klagan

Later, after Bane’s revolution has destroyed the investment class with mob violence and show trials and thus plunged Gotham City into chaos, Catwoman and her fellow thief enter a ransacked house. “This used to be someone’s home,” mourns Catwoman, her conscience awakening. “Now it’s everyone’s home!” exults her unrepentant colleague, gloating over the ruin. –Andrew Klagan

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