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Study Finds Obama Descendant of First Slave in New World

I can’t wait until someone says Romney is descended from Napoleon

So apparently, according to, President Barack Obama is the great-grandchild (eight or nine times over) of the first slave in the Americas.  Ok. This might certainly be true. I’m not going to sit here and dispute the incredibly hard work of these researchers. It’s not my place. But I am going to ask the question…How many other people in this country are descended from the first slave in the Americas? 100,000? A million?

For all I know, I might be. President Obama and I might be distant cousins. Isn’t something like half of Europe descended from Charlemagne? My maternal grandmother alone has something like 50 great-grandchildren, grand-children, and children. Sorry, but you’re going to have to get up much earlier in the morning if you are going to change my vote based on things that literally have no bearing on anything in the present-day.

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