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Who’s the Wimp?

Newsweek/The Daily Beast tries to portray the Bain Capital CEO as weak, so what does that make the helmut-wearing, Russia-appeasing community organizer?

Quick, name five public figures you would associate with the word wimpy. Does Mitt Romney appear in that list? No, that’s crazy, you say. How about President Obama, who does not always quite comport himself like a Commander-in-Chief (16 seconds; hint: first pitch)?

But Tina Brown’s Daily Beast/Newsweek is doing its best to invert the truth, or at least convey an impression that it is Mitt, the big-time CEO, and not Barack, the community organizer (not that there’s anything wrong with that), who is weak. The current issue of Newsweek features a photo of Mitt with the word “wimp” in huge type next to him. Then, as if that’s not enough, I just got an email news alert from the Daily Beast saying “Mitt: Still a Wimp” with the teaser: “No Backbone.”

Sure, Romney is no T.R., but a wimp?

If Romney’s a wimp, what do you call a president who bows to the Saudi King? Who fails to stand with the Iranian people against Ahmadinejad? Who makes own laws via his bureaucrats rather than being a tough guy like, say, LBJ and bending Congress to his will? Who refuses to take questions at press conferences?

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