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Obama Hasn’t Taken a Question in 7 Weeks

What happened to the promise of the most transparent administration in history?

The cover of Newsweek (ever heard of it?) a few weeks ago implied that Mitt Romney was a wimp. This was ridiculous—especially given that Romney’s opponent is Barack Obama, who is not praised for his courage on anything, whether it’s his hedging on campaign finance reform, the Bush tax cuts, or redefining marriage.

But how do you call President Obama’s opponent a wimp when it is the president who is terrified? Afraid of the army of people who sit in cubicles and read Drudge Report all day. Frozen in fear before disheveled folk armed with MacBooks and notepads. Cowering in the face of his biggest fanbase:  the White House press corps.

Newsweek/The Daily Beast tried to give Mitt Romney grief for avoiding the press. But, as is often the case in the press’s worship of Obama, this just isn’t true. He actually takes questions. President Obama has not taken a question in seven weeks. Seven weeks! In an election year!

One of the last times a reporter deigned to question His Serene Presidentialness, Obama got angry, said he was interrupted, went back to talking, and disappeared back into the White Hosue from the Rose Garden, not taking a single question. Meanwhile, much of the press corps, acting like his royal courtiers, chastised that reporter, the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro, for daring to have the gall to shout a question at the president. That’s right. Reporters are supposed to be docile and wait for the president to let them ask him a question, if he so chooses. That’s how reporters keep politicians in check! That’s how a free press keeps a democratic republic free!

And then, when they do ask President Obama a question, it is often something like “what’s enchanted you the most about being president, OBlessed One?”

Read about President Obama’s refusal to take questions (1 page).

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