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Virginia Bakery Refuses to Serve Biden

‘Crumb and Get It’ owner angered over “you didn’t build that”

So Joe Biden walks into a small town bakery and tries to order some pastries…

It sounds like the start of a cheap joke at a Washington DC happy hour. But it’s a true story funnier than any joke you’ll hear on Capitol Hill.

Chris McMurray and his wife, owners of Crumb and Get It in Radford, Va, told the VP and his entourage to take a hike, acting in response to President Obama taking ownership of their entrepreneurial efforts.

Hey Mr. Vice President! Who baked this cake?! Who made these linzer tarts?! Chris McMurray did! Not you! Oh, you want some black and white cookies?! Here’s directions to someone else’s bakery!

I love the scones on this guy. He kind of reminds me of a kinder, gentler, more southern version of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. If he doesn’t feel like serving you, you’re not getting served. No amount of flattery is going to change it. Many a lesser man would have served Joe Biden all of the truffles his heart desired. But not Chris McMurray. Not at Crumb and Get It.

Here’s Bill Kristol’s not so subtle advice to the Republican party.

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