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Obama 2008 Campaign Co-Chair Supports Romney-Ryan

Have you heard of Artur Davis?

If the national co-chairman of President Obama’s 2008 campaign became a major supporter of Obama’s 2012 opponent, would that be a big deal?

Because Artur Davis, who seconded Obama’s nomination at the Democratic convention four years ago, is now on the campaign trail with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

In 2011, Davis, an African American from Alabama who served five terms in the U.S. House, realized President Obama’s party no longer coincided with his values, writing:

“Wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities.”

Davis’s high hopes for Obama—kindled by the candidate’s soaring rhetoric and the energetic political movement it inspired—were quickly dashed.

“How many of us believed, four years ago, that Barack Obama was not just a politician?” he asked an audience in Virginia recently, according to the Washington Post.

Davis desires an American politics that actually transcends partisanship—a promise on which President Obama in his actions and words has barely tried to deliver. On his blog, Davis calls for:

“a different point of view that does not belong to the traditional left or right. My perspective is that upward mobility matters, a growing economy beats dividing a shrinking pie, reforming our schools requires radical effort, politics is too dominated by narrow elites and the way we approach race and culture is diminishing our nation by breaking it apart. Above all, I believe civil, informed discourse is the most powerful value in a society that believes it can do better. That is the voice I bring.”

This guy—whom Esquire called one of America’s 10 best congressmen in 2010 (before he uncouthly became a Republican, of course)–should be in Romney-Ryan ads nationwide!

Read about him at the Washington Post (2 pages) and check out his personal website. Davis will be speaking at the Republican convention in Tampa next week.

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