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Obama Plays Basketball with Jordan and Ewing for Fundraiser

Events like this not only raise money but also give a false image of Obama as an everyman who likes things the American people like

Obama, along with some NBA legends, will host the “Obama Classic” basketball tournament and fundraiser in Chelsea Piers in New York. Obama will play with some ex-NBA stars who want to relive some of their glory days much like Obama wants to relive 2008. The Obama campaign has been coy about the details of the basketball event, but former and current NBA stars such as Michael Jordan, Alonzo Mourning, Patrick Ewing and John Wall will reportedly partake.—Big Government 

As we already know, the media basically gives President Obama a free pass on everything. Unemployment, cronyism, racial politicking, blatant disregard for the Constitution. The list goes on and on. But the number one thing that drives me crazy about the media’s coverage is that they still pretend Obama is athletically inclined.

I can’t imagine William Howard Taft was too quick on his feet but judging by Obama’s inability to hit the broad side of a barn, I have to say he is just about the most unathletic president of all time. (Also the name ‘Millard Fillmore’ doesn’t exactly strike up the image of someone who will ‘wow’ you with his coordination.)

So can we just stop already? The man can’t even throw a baseball. It’s the most simple, fundamental act of athleticism. Throwing a ball. And he can’t do it.

When other kids were playing sports, Obama was writing the first draft of his autobiography. Let’s just stop pretending that he’s that regular guy who likes sports and would be cool “to have a beer with.” Regular guys don’t spend their 20’s hanging with extreme socialist radicals. Regular guys don’t read Saul Alinsky. Regular guys don’t run for president, for that matter.

It sounds like I’m making a big deal of out nothing but I’m really not. Because it’s all part of the media’s conscious and so-far-successful distortion of who Barack Obama is. He’s not the every man. He’s the man whose every value is in direct contrast to nearly every everyman.

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