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Winning the Famed ‘Reagan Democrats’

Advertising guru has some advice for Romney

Assuming most people aren’t blindly biased and just want to keep their jobs and homes, it really shouldn’t take that much convincing. But here are advertising guru Jerry Della Femina’s tips for a Romney ad:

It would be word-for-word true, though soft in tone. The ad would open with a man, about 40, sitting in his living room with his wife and kids seated next to him. He looks into the camera and says:

“I’ve voted Democratic all my life. In 2008 I voted for Barack Obama. It was a vote I am proud of. I wanted to be part of the generation that voted a black man into the presidency of the United States. It was the right vote for the right reason. But, sadly, it was for the wrong man. I don’t think this country can survive four more years of Barack Obama as president. I know my family can’t. I lost my job two years ago, and I fear I’m going to lose my house. Mitt Romney has the business experience to bring back our economy fast. He has my vote.” –New York Post

I’m not a famed advertising exec but here is my advice for Romney, for what it’s worth: stop letting the media bait you with social issues and just talk about the economy. It’s really not that hard.

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