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Atheist Summer Camp Sounds Like a Blast

Marshmallows and hopelessness for everyone!

Most summer camps host kayaking, arts and crafts classes and campfires, but what makes Camp Quest Northwest different is that it is literally “beyond belief.”

Located just north of Seattle, Camp Quest Northwest is a summer camp for atheists or children of atheists, self-described “freethinkers” or people not otherwise traditionally religious.­—ABC

I’ve always wondered about people like this. Not believing in God or struggling with your faith is one thing. Everyone has their path and their own unique obstacles in life and I’m not one to judge someone on how much they pray or who they pray to. This is America, after all.

But people who make being atheist the backbone of their identity have to be the most pathetic people around. Obviously no one ever introduced these folks to the concept of “a hobby.” Why would you invest your emotions in not believing in something?

I don’t watch hockey but I don’t go to a camp over the summer that teaches me how to dispel the qualities of hockey to its fans.

Their philosophy is so skewed. It’s like purple cows. Go tell someone to not think of a purple cow and boom, automatically they think of a purple cow. Go tell someone to not think of divine providence and boom they think of an all powerful old man in the sky with a white beard. So essentially, by trying so hard not to believe in God, they are believing in God.

Atheists are like the guy who broke up with his girlfriend but can’t stop thinking about her. It’s painful to listen to.

“Not that I care, at all, but Ashley is just the worst. Yea, terrible to talk to. Couldn’t stand being around her. By the way, is she dating anyone?”

Pathetic. Grow up atheists.

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