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Australia PM Wants to Ban Being Mean on Twitter

Happy to know we aren’t the only ones losing our free speech

Today we launch a campaign to stand up to the faceless bullies and to urge Twitter to unmask them and turn them in to authorities so they can be prosecuted.

“This is a very worthwhile initiative by The Daily Telegraph that we fully support. Anonymous abuse and harassment can have devastating consequences,” [Prime Minister Wayne] Swan said.

“Some of the abuse that gets thrown at people on the internet makes me sick to the stomach. It takes a particular type of gutlessness to fire off the sort of anonymous abuse we’ve seen recently.” –The Daily Telegraph

People now need government to protect other people from being mean to them on Twitter? Is there anything government will stay out of? I know this is in Australia but we are headed in that direction right now. The term “cyber bully” has almost become synonymous with terrorist in the academic and government circles. Someone in American government will propose this if they haven’t already.

There are so many things wrong with this. First off, what happened to that little thing called freedom of speech? Doesn’t Australia have freedom of speech? We pretend to in America and I thought they tried to be like us.

And what qualifies as mean? People interpret things differently. One man’s insult is another man’s constructive criticism.

Not to mention that Twitter is a completely voluntarily product that no one is forced to participate in. And you can block people who you think are being mean to you. If you are a relatively famous person and don’t expect a few harsh comments on Twitter, you’re basically jumping in the ocean not expecting to get wet.

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