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Wait, Didn’t Clinton Kind of Wage a War on Women?

Yet the DNC showered him with honor and attention

President Clinton’s address at the DNC last week was widely praised but did it strike anyone as odd that the Democratic Party—and both conservatives and liberals in the media—would lavish praise on him without acknowledging the massive disgrace he happened to bring to the Oval Office?

Carson Holloway, a political scientist writing at the website Public Discourse, notes:

“The nation seems not only to have forgiven but even forgotten—or tacitly agreed to pretend to have forgotten—that Bill Clinton disgraced himself and the office of the presidency by his personal misconduct on the job. As a fifty-year-old man, in a position of the highest responsibility, he had an affair with a White House intern who was in her early twenties. This was an act not only of self-indulgence but even of exploitation, or at the very least culpable thoughtlessness.”

That’s got to tell us something about the Democratic Party. Does that attitude align with your values? Is Sandra Fluke offended by Bill Clinton’s prominence?

Read Holloway’s piece here (1 page).

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