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Weakness from the White House

Apologizing to rioting murderers is a little different than apologizing to a feminist group in the states

At some point, this country, the government, and this world is going to have to start looking at these bloodthirsty riots in the Middle East from a different perspective.

There will inevitably be another Dutch cartoonist, angry Coptic Christian ‘filmmaker,’ or crazy pastor from Florida. Someone will do something like this again. The “cause” will always change, but the one constant in all of this is, the guaranteed effect, is frenzied violence in the Muslim world. And somewhere along the way, someone is going to have to say enough is enough.

Hillary Clinton standing penitent at the podium does not help the situation.  Does anyone honestly think that the men who killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans care about receiving an apology from Hillary Clinton?

The culture that these murderers belong to does not look upon apologies the same way we do. The forces of Islamic Fascism understand two things. Weakness and strength. There is no in between.

Someone needs to say that the people of the United States will not stand for having four of their own killed in their own embassy. Stand up there and say “I don’t care how offended you are by a YouTube video. It is time to join the modern world.”  Stand there and say the United States is the greatest country the world has ever seen, and it will endure far longer than the archaic system of violence in the name of religion.

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