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Why Does Our President Apologize for Free Speech?

This is the same man who has also attacked religious liberty in the United States

Investor’s Business Daily has a blistering editorial today about President Obama’s failures as a leader in the past days. Not only did the American government discourage free speech in the wake of the embassy attacks and the death of our ambassador in Libya, but the President accepted an invitation to campaign with to chat with David Letterman while declining one to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

IBD reminds us that the recent apologies for free speech—speech not exercised by any government official–are

“in the tone of moral equivalence in the speech President Obama gave to the Arab world in Cairo in June 2009. As part of his famous apology tour, he rued American greatness built by sacrifice of blood and treasure over generations for the freedom of others. If we felt this gave us special privileges, we were sorry, so feel free to kick us.

And indeed they are kicking us.

IBD quotes the late Andrew Breitbart, who once asked, “Should we apologize for the exercise of free speech in a democracy?”

Meanwhile, not only does President Obama stand against free speech, his administration is assaulting the freedom of conscience and religion on our own soil by forcing people to violate their religious teachings or break the law. Right now, this only extends to Catholics, but what would prevent him from expanding this already unconstitutional power in the future?

Read the full editorial here (2 pages).

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