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The Left Gloats Over Romney Video

Except it’s really not a big deal at all

The left seems to think they caught Mitt Romney with his hand in the cookie jar because he said he has to focus on the 5 to 10 percent of independents and not worry about the 47 percent of people who are dependent on government. Getting caught on camera saying something that literally everyone in the world knows about politics already doesn’t really count as “getting caught..” On the other hand,  whispering promises to Russian presidents on camera is indeed the textbook definition of getting caught. But the left doesn’t seem to care about that.

Besides, is Barack Obama’s campaign not trying to focus on those same exact independents? It’s not Obama’s job to worry about those who love freedom, respect the Constitution, wish to reform our education system, hope for financial stability, and believe you should make your own way in life.

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