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Obama Coddles Islamists, Stomps on Catholics

He throws free speech under the bus to appeal to radicals who hate America while he violates the religious freedom of Americans

The Obama administration has made it clear it has little regard for our two foundational American freedoms: freedom of speech and freedom of religion. In a sense sympathizing with the Islamists attacking our embassies, Obama has strongly decried those who dare to criticize the Prophet Mohammad, on the grounds that the United States respects all religions. But has he shown respect toward, say, American Catholics, by ordering that every employer, including Catholics who might have moral or religious objections, must pay for abortion-inducing drugs for their employees? This, more so than a YouTube video, actually affects the lives of Catholics:  They will have to violate their conscience or their church teachings or pay a fine. Muslims are free to ignore, as Salman Rushdie put it, “some stupid YouTube video,” but Catholics can’t ignore the Obama mandate.

So which is a more serious affront to religious freedom? And why is the president willing to throw freedom of speech under the bus to protect the “freedom” of radicals to drag an American ambassador through the streets?

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