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Jay Carney, Striking Fear Into The Hearts of No One

Would it be so hard to find a press secretary that conveys a message of strength?

Let me tell you the one thing I learned as a Communication major: it is impossible to not communicate. Even if you aren’t saying a word, your clothes, your hair, your physique, your body language, demeanor, and nine million other variables send messages to the people around you.

So, what kind of message is the White House sending to the rest of the world when they march Jay Carney up there up to the podium to represent them?

I think it sounds something like, “Attack us.”

Does Jay Carney look like a man that means business? Do you think that some jihadist sitting in Libya looks at Jay Carney and says, “Oh boy, we better not do that again?”

No. Direct opposite. When he’s up there fumbling over his words and looking like one of the characters on The Big Bang Theory, it does nothing but make America look weak.

If I was POTUS, my press secretary would be someone like Bruce Willis. Or maybe R. Lee Ermey. Sure, they might cross the line once in a while. But if someone is going to stand with the White House seal and communicate to our friends and enemies alike, political correctness takes a back seat to imputing an image of strength.

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