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Idea for Romney: Unite With GOP Governors in Ad Campaign

Republican governors with swing state success stories should appear all together to promote Mitt

I watched a news report yesterday noting how President Obama is polling ahead of Mitt Romney in must-win swing states that, when it comes to employment and other economic indicators, are doing better than the national averages. These states–like Wisconsin and Ohio–are doing better thanks to the effective, bold, and politically courageous leadership of Republican governors. As a result, the analysts say, voters are happy to stick with all the incumbents, including the president. I don’t know if this is true–I think people are capable of recognizing that the policies of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and President Obama are almost polar opposites, and that the fact that Wisconsin is doing better than the nation is a credit to the governor and not the president.

But why not try this:  Gov. Romney’s team should produce an ad with the nation’s most reformist Republican governors–Walker, New Jersey’s Christie, Ohio’s Kasich, maybe South Carolina’s Haley, and a few others. As an outline of each state appears on the screen, the governor should walk into the picture touting how his or her free market ideas have helped the state flourish. After each of the governors gives his spiel, they all appear together, saying they endorse Mitt Romney because he wants to do on a national level what they have successfully done on the state level. The experiment is working locally, so why not translate it to a national level, with a competent chief executive, a former governor himself?

If you live in one of those swing states and you like what your governor is doing, why shouldn’t you vote for the guy who is most similar to your governor on the national ticket–Mitt Romney?

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