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Michelle Obama’s Hunger Games

“Tonight, we are hungry,” cry out America’s students in a song parody taking on the administration’s school lunch policy

Just because some people—hey, even a lot of people—can’t control their food intake, the Obama administration, at First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative, has decided to vastly limit the amount and type of nutrition available at public school cafeterias nationwide. Obviously, this isn’t even a constitutional power of the federal government, but that aside, students, especially ones that strive for, say, athletic excellence are not getting the calories they need. In fact, in Obama’s America, excellence is becoming a bad word, so just keep quiet and eat your gruel and don’t rise to higher levels.

Schoolkids are hungry. In America. This is ridiculous. It’s government-mandated fasting every single school day for the entire public school-going population, regardless of a student’s activity level. That’s what fairness means for the Obama administration. Equal outcomes: lethargy and listlessness. Even Catholics are only required to fast twice a year. But the cult of Obama requires greater allegiance.

The paltry school lunch mandates are a reflection of the “fairness” that Obama wants to impose on every aspect of our lives. In the first Obama term, it’s school lunch equity—everyone gets basically nothing or at least just the amount that the government decides you need. In the second term, it’s the big tuna (or the big kale), for which Barack Obama has long been striving: income “fairness.”

Oh–and don’t forget health care equity. Why does anyone think government control of healthcare will be any different than the federal takeover of school cafeterias?

Take heed, America. And watch these starving kids sing about Michelle Obama’s policy to the tune of Fun’s “We Are Young,” while athletes collapse on basketball courts and students pass out at their desks (4 minutes). I can hear the criticism: Sure, Americans even those forced to eat dainty lunches of humus and black beans, are still better off than many, many people around the world. These kids are spoiled, etc. But how do we help others rise up by bringing ourselves down? Not to mention that the new lunches are more expensive. And is it the job of the federal government to prevent Americans from flourishing and prospering?

A new movie version of Les Miserables–French for “the miserables” in case you’re a student too hungry to figure that out–is coming out this fall. Well, America, if we don’t change course in November, Les Miserables–Real Life Edition–is coming to all of our households. These aren’t political games; who you vote for will affect your life in a profound way, especially with an administration that sees no limits on its power. So go eat an energizing meal and then start knocking on doors and making phone calls. Or just pass this around to as many people as possible.

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