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Hating Breitbart Next Step Towards Truth in Journalism

You can judge a man by his enemies…

Being a young conservative is tough in this world. Actually, being a conservative of any age is tough. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s pretty frustrating to be called a dumb, greedy, racist, earth-killing homophobe simply because I say things like “America was a swell idea” and “Maybe the government shouldn’t spend too much money.”

If it wasn’t for people like Andrew Breitbart, the leftist mainstream media would dominate the narrative. A few biased pundits who regurgitate their college professor’s favorite talking points would tell people exactly what to think and determine the direction of our country.

But Breitbart saw the power and potential of the internet, and the freedom it gave to individuals. He helped form the new media and created a movement and an outlet for the increasingly vociferous majority. Unapologetic and unrelenting, he counter punched the leftist media attack on American values, pointing to hypocrisy and injustice wherever he saw it.

Hating Breitbart hits theatres on October 12, following the trend of conservative media that he helped proliferate.

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