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‘Obamaphone': A Program Expanded Under President Bush

This is just another way to spend our tax money to keep people dependent on government–and to keep incumbents in power.

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Obamaphone” clip on YouTube by now. The Obama campaign has denounced the Obama supporter’s claim that the president got her a cell phone. What’s the truth?

Indeed, as Charlie Spiering writes at the Washington Examiner, the federal government has long been subsidizing “land line phone service for low income Americans.” In 2008, under President George W. Bush, the feds started subsidizing cell phones, which has caused the cost of the program to skyrocket. A few Democrats and Republicans have called for reform but nothing’s happened so far.

The fact is:  Programs like this work wonders to keep incumbents in office. If you can’t get a job—thanks to the administration’s refusal to let the private sector flourish—well, at least those currently in office are giving you a cell phone and food stamps! And the companies that offer the cell phone service—receiving subsidies from the government—end up acting like campaigners for those in office, such as the company that created the website, where you can sign up for your taxpayer-provided phone.

As a video from Congressman Tim Griffin notes (3:17), the cost of offering “free” cell phone service, has nearly doubled every year to $1.5 billion last year—the cost of 20 new C-130 military transport planes or enough for “every household in Arkansas to take a three day vacation to Walk Disney World.”

Watch the clip of the Cleveland woman saying she’s voting for President Obama because he got her a cell phone (45 seconds).

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