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Taxpayers Fund Big Government and Big Business

While president talks a big game about the undue influence of large corporations, he gives them all kinds of favors, in return for their big donations, at the expense of America’s job creating small businesses

The president accuses Mitt Romney of supporting “tax breaks for companies that export jobs.”

For President Obama a tax break is any portion of your income short of 100% that the government doesn’t take away. Because, as the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney points out, it’s not Romney who is calling for tax breaks for companies who export jobs. It’s President Obama who wants to raise taxes on those companies. Romney simply is not supporting an additional tax increase.

But even more notable:  Obama’s proposed tax would barely add anything to the federal coffers. Carney calls it what it is: simply a way for President Obama to pretend to the American people that he’s all for reigning in big businesses that export jobs, but meanwhile the tax is so minisicule it does nothing to upset Obama’s other base:  those big corporate donors.

As Carney says, President Obama makes “promises to the proletariat during the day, [while] trading favors with the fat cats at night.”

Check out his column here (1 page).

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