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Garbage: New Union Ad Tries to Trash Romney

How often do you run out to give a Gatorade to your garbage collector? 

Well, Mitt Romney has finally been exposed, like an uncovered landfill! In an explosive new advertisement paid for by a major union, Mitt’s trash collector fights the tears to reveal that the presidential candidate never so much as offered him a Gatorade or even shook his hand when the garbage truck came rolling through his neighborhood.

The callous governor was too busy working, or traveling the country, or saving the Salt Lake Olympics, or giving 30% of his income to charity, to sit longingly by his front window waiting for the trash man. All that garbage collector wanted was for Mitt to shower him with praise, gifts, and a condescending pat on the back for basically being the Mother Teresa of La Jolla. Well, except Mother Teresa didn’t have a salary with benefits. And she didn’t expect pats on the back. But except that, they’re incredibly similar.

It turns out Mitt Romney is so callous that, as governor of Massachusetts he regularly spent days working other jobs in the commonwealth. He cooked sausages at Fenway, paved roads, stacked hay, assisted at a nursing home, and—wait for it—worked as a trash collector.

I wonder if the trash collector in this ad has ever taken a break from his work to thank one of his customers for whatever job they might do—being a nurse, being a firefighter, or, dare I say, being a job-creating CEO?

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