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Must Read: A Warning About Looming Loss of Liberty

Why does Obama more energetically seek to “liberate” Catholics from their own church rather than, say, Iranians from their tyranny?

The Obama administration’s mandate that Catholics violate their conscience, or at least their church’s teachings, by paying for abortion-inducing drugs and other things was an egregious violation of religious liberty. But a new Pew poll shows that among those who call themselves Catholic—whether or not they actually go to Mass-Obama leads Romney by 15 points.

In the ensuing debate after the mandate was announced last January, Obama supporters alleged that the administration was liberating Catholics from their church by curbing the church’s influence. Anyone interested in protecting our constitutional freedoms should be deeply opposed to this.

But what’s even weirder is that Obama more energetically seeks to “liberate” Catholics from an allegedly oppressive church that they choose to join, than he seeks to liberate, say, the people who suffer under Iranian and radical Islamist tyranny.

Obama’s anti-Catholic mandate is a sly foreshadowing of an absolutely unlimited regime that can allow no institutions to thrive other than the Federal Government in a second term Obama administration.

Notre Dame professor Patrick Deneen points in an incredibly insightful piece in First Things that the Health and Human Services mandate is simply a foreshadowing of a “Hobbessian” style government that can allow no institutions or organizations to fully exist between the government and solitary individuals. To quote Joe Biden from his Charlotte speech yesterday, “This is deadly serious stuff, man.”

Deneen writes:

“In an admirable display of philosophical consistency and logic, the Obama administration thus implicitly and effectively endorsed the Hobbesian liberal ontology that there ought exist only individuals and the state—all other competitors are to be regarded as oppressors, and require an expansive and empowered government for individual liberation.”

Deneen also warns that, although our Judeo-Christian forebears “stood against the totalitarian ambitions of Fascism and Communism, a third ideology is clearly flexing its muscles today.” Deneen calls this new sinister ideology “the totalitarian impulse,” which, he writes, “is embedded in the very logic of liberalism.”

Read Deneen’s article at First Things—a must-read if you want to explore the consequences of the President’s philosophy and current policies on the American future (1 page).

Think this totalitarian impulse only applies to curbing the power of the Catholic Church? Why don’t you take a look at this summary of just some of President Obama’s violations of Constitutional limits during the past four years?

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