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Biden Doesn’t Let Ryan Speak…

And he still couldn’t win

Well, the strategy was clear last night, and it followed along with what has been the Obama administration’s SOP since inauguration day: distract the American people.

The Vice President of the United States sounded more like an angry guy sitting on a bar stool, chirping at whoever will listen. Paul Ryan was the level-headed guy who walked over and asked him to calm down, and Biden lashed out at him. This was certainly less of a debate and more of a bar fight.

The Obama camp knew full well that if the two men were to engage in a legitimate, intellectual conversation, Ryan would have run circles around Biden. David Axelrod and the Democrat strategists were perfectly content with keeping this “debate” as a sideshow, keeping the eyes of independents away from the reality of the situation, and more focused on the spectacle of a politician completely losing his composure in a formal setting.

The Dems took a calculated risk last night. They decided that appearing rude was better than appearing completely incompetent.

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