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WATCH: CBS Reporter to Admin: Time to Stop Lying

Even the mainstream press is now criticizing President Obama for his failure to take radical Islam seriously … yet another reason why Mitt Romney will win by a larger margin than polls currently predict.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, a veteran Middle East war reporter, started the vice presidential debate Thursday by pointedly asking Joe Biden about the 9/11 attack on our Libyan consulate that resulted in the murder of our ambassador.“It was a pre-planned assault by heavily armed men,” she said. “Wasn’t this a massive intelligence failure, Vice President Biden?”All Biden could say was it was a tragedy, because the facts on the ground—which are bleak—do not comport with the Obama administration’s campaign pitch that radical Islam is on the decline.In fact, in a powerful speech last Monday, CBS news reporter Lara Logan lambasted the administration for pushing the “lie”—her word—that the Taliban in Afghanistan is becoming more favorable to America. You can watch her speech here; it’s 20 minutes but so captivating I doubt you’ll notice.

Here are a couple of key highlights from Logan’s remarks:
  • “You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script,” she said. And she knows what she’s talking about:  She’s reported from Afghanistan for all 11 years of that war, and she’s bravely returned to the Middle East even after suffering a sexual assault in Cairo during the Arab Spring “celebration.”
  • Logan was incredibly frustrated with the administration’s listless response to terrorists dragging our ambassador through the streets—a lethargy that President Obama displayed in his debate against Gov. Romney last week. Logan said:

“There was a big song and dance about whether this was a terrorist attack or a protest. And you just want to scream for God’s sake, are you kidding me? The last time we were attacked like this was the USS Cole which was a prelude to the 1998 embassy bombings which was a prelude to 9/11. And you’re sending in the FBI to investigate. I hope to God that you’re sending in your best clandestine warriors who are going to exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil, that it’s ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.”

And here’s another sign that the tide is turning against Obama:  CBS is standing by Logan’s remarks!

  1. Maureen O'Reilly Blum

    Another point of view:


    Over the summer my wife and I went to the funeral of the twenty-year-old son of a family friend killed in Afghanistan. The service was wrenching. His unit had suffered heavy casualties (including the deaths of his two closest friends) and yet was still deployed near Kandahar when men dressed as Afghan police officers ambushed him and another sentry. The funeral ended with a slide show in which our friend’s son went from toddler to soldier—with not nearly enough pictures in between.

    Afterward, another friend said to me, “How is it possible I keep forgetting we’re at war?”

    Here’s how:

    We’ve been fighting in Afghanistan since late 2001, the longest period of continual combat in American history. But unlike other American wars, the cost of the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq has not been shared by most Americans: there was no draft and very little sacrifice required on the home front. In fact, while every other war has—at least—been accompanied by a tax increase to pay for it, these wars have coincided with huge tax cuts, weighted toward the wealthy.

    To fight two increasingly unpopular wars with an all-volunteer army, the Department of Defense under George W. Bush began issuing stop-loss orders—involuntary extensions of duty. Thousands of soldiers thought they had completed their two- to five-year missions only to be given another tour of up to 18 months. Often they were thrown back into combat. During the period of stop-loss redeployment, some soldiers committed suicide rather than go back to Afghanistan and Iraq. As John Kerry said in the 2004 presidential campaign, stop-loss was akin to a “backdoor draft.”

    In the 2008 presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised to end the Bush-era stop-loss policy if he was elected.

    He did just that.

    In the branding of our political parties over the last fifty years, Republicans have tried to portray themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility and strong national defense. But, in fact, they have become the party of one issue, tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans have become the party of one man. Grover Norquist.

    So every time Mitt Romney cynically offers up those familiar tropes about “cutting the deficit” and “supporting the troops,” every time Fox News fires up the flags and eagles, remember that Republicans are the ones who waged two unfunded wars with inferior equipment and overburdened soldiers. (As Donald Rumsfeld said, “You go to war with the army you have.”) Remember that Mitt Romney’s pledge to cut taxes and yet somehow increase military spending is just more of the same, pledging a strong defense without bothering to pay for it. Remember that Republicans are the ones who repeatedly vote against veterans benefits and use them as pawns in budget negotiations.

    My friend asked how it was possible to keep forgetting we’re still at war:

    By choosing not to care. By claiming you support the military without caring for individual soldiers. By nominating a candidate like Mitt Romney, who failed to even mention Afghanistan during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

    There are, of course, countless reasons for Democrats to support Barack Obama. The surprising thing is how many reasons there are for Republicans.
     Spokane, Washington

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