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Can you believe I am passing along an Obama ad?

After watching this ad, I was surprised that it was created by the campaign of President Barack Obama

I think I’d prefer a president who, instead of trying to divide us with bizarre rhetoric and innuendo, is focused on promoting job growth, uniting Americans after four years of divisiveness, and actually respecting women enough not to use them to try to score cheap political points!

Watch the 1 minute Obama ad here.

  1. Kimberly Gienko

    Out of all the mud slinging ads, this one is by far the lowest!
    The Obama regime has now reduced women back to prehistoric
    Cavewoman days. Obviously woman are not smart enough to make
    decisions on relationships or their own bodies. Big Daddy Obama
    needs to do all that. I guess Michelle Obama must agree with her husband.
    I must stop here before I get fired up about Michelle Obama’s career history
    in Chicago.

  2. ted in pdx

    Mr. Friess,

    I share your reaction to the ad, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me that Mr. Obama would approve it. If I were Mitt Romney, I’d start running this ad myself, and closing with the line:

    “I don’t approve this message, but I thought you should see it anyway.”

    In my post to the WSJ on this topic, I wrote:

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I were a (grown) woman, I would be insulted by this ad. It seems to me profoundly demeaning and patronizing.”

    To which one female member of the WSJ Community replied:

    “I am, and I am.”

    Thank you (and many other affluent members of the private-sector) for taking a stand at this moment of national peril.

    Ted in Portland, Oregon

  3. Marian Schulz

    Ewwww. I can’t find eloquent words. Just ewww.

  4. Lyle Waggoner

    How embarrassing for the Democratic party.

  5. Michael Smith

    Foster, I’m as appalled as you are by this.

    That’s why I’m doing all I can to ensure defeat for the president and his party. I have volunteered as a GOP precinct chairman and election judge. I’ve walked 1/3 of my precinct, knocking on Republican voters’ doors to remind them to vote. I will be at the polling place all day on Nov. 6, ensuring no shenanigans take place. (And I have two friends who’ve volunteered to poll-watch on the other side of town, where vote fraud is part of the scenery. They’re the real heroes.)

    Fellow Express Riders: What are you doing? The time for talk has ended.

  6. Ed DeSeta

    Obama will say anything so he can get elected. He did that his first election. All he wants is to use Air Force One to travel around and not spend anytime working to solve our problems. I can not figure why the media has not realized that and see what has Obama completed in his four years for America other than dividing us all.

  7. whbttx

    A piece of “sluttish trash”! I’d say “unbelievable” except it’s not, coming from an organization whose head person uses foul language describing their opponents in national publications; whose #2 person uses embarassingly tasteless description of a deceased son of a tragedy caused by a high degree of incompetency and or lies and a whole series of spokes people who seem to get a charge out of peddling an agenda bordering sleeze, thoughtlessness, irresponsibility and saturated with mendacity.

  8. Mary Miller

    One word, Disgusting!!

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