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An Unwanted…Presidency?

Here’s an amusing response to Obama ad we sent on Friday:












If you haven’t seen the bizarre Obama advertisement we sent out last week, watch it here (1 minute) and you’ll understand the image.

  1. Cheryl

    I’m thinking when are the Republicans going to wake up a put out some ads with young people in them saying how important it is to keep our country free. It’s not ok to let Americans be killed and not support the military. It’s not ok to become a socialist country. It’s not ok to take away our right to bear arms. It’s not ok to say we can’t talk about our Christian God or pray to him any where we want including our schools. When are we going to unite and fight back for the princlples we uphold that WE THE PEOPLE will remain a strong Republic! I am so sick of this. Further more why on earth would you want to put any kind of ad supporting the Democrats on your web site? I guess I don’t find it one bit amusing.

  2. Elizabeth

    HUMMMM…Just Wondering….

    Could This Lena Dunham Be Sandra Fluke’s Sister?!

    Or Maybe It Seems Like They Go To The Same Stylist…..!

    Also…Do You Think These People Audition For These Lame PSA[S]?

    Embarrasing To Say The Least!


  3. Dine Dellenback

    Foster, go to The Blaze and see the video “Libya, the real story”. Glenn Beck has a theory: that Chris Stevens was responsible for gun running Libyan weapons to Syria through the Turkish Prime Minister, with whom he had dinner the night he was killed. A Turkish ship went from Libya to Turkey to Syria with 400 tons of weapons. The NYTimes had an article a couple of weeks ago that Libyan arms were appearing in Syria for the rebels.

    I wonder if Obama isn’t a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. He has no conpunction about lying to the American people (Muslims are allowed, even encouraged to lie to the infidel).


  4. Eric Miller


  5. Joel

    I am really not sure if Obama thinks Americans are Stupid or not paying attention. He has to go. He is scarey.

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