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Why Is America Being So Friendly to Muslim Brotherhood?

The self-stated long term policy of the Muslim Brotherhood is to “Destroy Western Civilization from within.” Well, it looks like they’re well on their way to getting “within”:

The Investigative Project on Terrorism, whose work earns bipartisan praise, has searched the White House visitor logs and discovered that dozens of known Islamist radicals, including those with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, made  hundreds of visits to President Obama’s executive mansion.

And President Obama, knowing full well who he is dealing with, sent $1.5 billion to the now Muslim Brotherhood controlled Cairo. The radical group’s former leader, Mohammed Morsi, now presides over post-Mubarak Egypt.

In this ad, Let Freedom Ring, questions the wisdom of the president’s naiveté toward the Brotherhood. It shows Morsi calling to make Jerusalem the capital of the Muslim word.

The rest of the world, allies and enemies alike, take their cues from the United States of America. Greeting the Muslim Brotherhood—an organization who is publicly backing up their anti-Israel and anti-West rhetoric by befriending Iran—communicates to the world that our role as a leader is diminishing.

  1. William L. Kelly

    Hey everybody out there. At 87 this is a new world. I have tried only a couple facebook contacts but didn’t know how to navigate well in that world. I need your patience and help. I tried thousands of times to get this before all Americans since 2009. Do you think any of it worth while? Bill Kelly

    This is the skeleton of my proposals to solve America’s major problems. Both Obama and Republicans want high unemployment numbers through election day. Obama wants everyone on his dole in exchange for votes and his Marxist central government. Republicans want high unemployment numbers to batter Obama through the election.

    As a survivor of the Great Depression I want the unemployed employed—especially vets– and business both small and large offered contracts
    upon which to bid and kick start the economy.

    Most grateful,
    William “Bill” Kelly

    Politician’s speak in generalities; strategy, legislative actions, incentives, etc. They are intangible. Engineers must create sound, quantifiable,
    positive ROI, productive solutions. All five job creation programs are solid. So are my creative ideas near the end.

    All Obama’s “stimulus” programs that can be must be frozen and unspent money held for reapportion to solid projects. Paul Ryan knows which
    to the penny. See what $18 billion spent wisely produces for benefits!

    People cannot eat menus. They need solid meat into which they can sink their teeth. Every one of my proposals is solid meat.

    When President Romney and the new Congress convenes it must approve and fund these job creation programs ASAP. The roundabout and hydropower dam conversions can be implemented in a relatively short time and run concurrently.

    I estimate the roundabout conversion program requires $18 billion. I estimate $50 billion can fund the retrofit of all 240 large federal
    hydroelectric dam powerhouses to create new, renewable energy for sale with profits going to the U.S. Treasury for the next 30-40 years.


    What we got from extending unemployment benefits for 99 $44 billion NOTHING: No jobs; kill time; add stress; drink; divorce; lose
    weeks self-worth, skills and dreams.

    What we get using common sense programs:

    Contract the first 100,000 roundabout conversion in 30 days $8 billion Create 100,000 contracts, $8 million each, 2.5 million jobs. Restart
    pride, hope, pay bills

    Contract second 100,000 conversion 3 months later $6 billion Create 100,000 contracts, $6 million each, 2.5 million jobs. Good
    feelings, spread hope, spirits rise

    Contract last 100,000 conversions 3 months later than $4 billion Create 100,000 contracts, $4 million each, 2.5 million jobs. Recovery
    has steam
    The second conversion program:.

    Modify 240 large and several hundred small Federal Dams $50 billion Create over one million multiple-year skilled jobs and deliver new
    power for 30-40 years by modifying hydroelectric dam powerhouses to convert turbulent discharged tailwater to near-laminar (straight) flow to drive new state-of-art small turbines and generators both submersible and floatable. New electricity sales bring profit to the Treasury for 30-40 years.

    Non-Federal dams will certainly employ the process once the Feds break the way. That can add 1 to 2 multi-year skilled jobs.

    A. JOB CREATION. Details:

    Of all the jobs created by these programs 10% shall be set aside for veterans. Their unemployment number is 29%. Suicides are at historic levels. Homeless 60,000 K. Trauma and other causes are exacerbated because unemployment leaves too much idleness. They need jobs right now!

    1. The roundabout conversion project requires $18 billion investment, saves $115 billion gallons of fuel and 25 billion wasted hours sitting at lights
    every year! At $3.50 /gallon the annual return on investment equals $403 billion dollars left in people’s pockets to purchase goods and services

    Throughout the U.S. reconstruct the most ineffective, worst served stop light intersections into roundabouts. There will three rounds of
    conversions at 100,000 each, That is 100,000 contracts upon which small businesses can bid. Round one is funded at $8 million per
    intersection, round two at $6 million and round three at $4 million. I only use the benefits from the first two in computing benefits that
    result. The third round is a safety net to guarantee those claims are good.

    Each contract employs about 25 persons from realtors, design, surveyors, contract preparation, trades, labor, etc. to traffic flaggers. Each
    round will create about 2.5 million jobs. Contracts are reserved for small businesses and union membership, wages and rules shall not be required.
    Small businesses must be allowed to compete and can’t do so if required to use union parameters; for instance a surveying business only uses
    three people: surveyor, chainman and office secretary; Out of 25 people at least 3 will be vets, a small band of brothers/sisters support group.

    These jobs will occur throughout the country bringing work to those trapped in their homes unable to relocate. Rounds two and three start at 2 month intervals adding about 2.5 million jobs each. There may be a very small overlap and thus reduction in numbers of jobs for rounds 2 and 3 if some contractors/workers obtain multiple projects in their town/city. The third round of conversions should be awarded in blocks of 10,000 units up to its maximum 100,000 as needs, costs and benefits are assessed. THESE ARE THE BENEFITS. IGNORED BY JACKSON AND LaHOOD VIA EMAILS.

    115,851,000,000 (billion) gallons of motor fuel saved
    3,480,000 (million) tons of HC kept out of atmosphere
    87,700,000 (million) tons of CO ditto
    3,860,000 (million) tons of NOx ditto
    2,481,800,000 (billion) tons of CO2 ditto
    25,155,800,000 (billion) wasted hours avoided

    NOW multiply 115,851,000,000 times $3.50 per gallon of fuel. It equals $405,000.000,000 left in driver’s pockets to be spent on goods and services to bolster the economy. How much is 25 billion wasted hours worth?

    2. A retrofit of 2,450 major hydroelectric dam powerhouses (240 Federal) and several hundred small U.S. hydroelectric dams in the U.S will generate about 1,000 jobs for each of the major dams and 500 on the smaller dams. These are multiple year contracts for large engineering and construction firms. Contracts will isolate draft tube outlets (like a muffler on a car but water instead of vapor) using walls and baffles to convert turbulent water discharged from powerhouses into laminar (straight) flows. That allows new turbine/generators invented for the tide/waves research to be utilized and a whole new field of inventions energized. Projects will employ large amounts of equipment such as barge/tug companies, pre-fabrication plants for components, truck and rail hauling, supplies, etc.

    During the 1930s of the Great Depression FDR had only one winning program out of the slew he installed. It was the Civilian Conservation Corps–CCC where workers in National Parks built hotels and other structures and site enhancements that brought income to government.

    The other winning program instituted by his predecessors was the construction of Federal hydroelectric dams like Grand Coulee and Hoover that still produce sales of electricity with profits going to the Treasury.

    This invention modifies Hydroelectric dams to boost their output using present state-of-the-art systems. Dam’s conversion occurs on existing property and utilizes existing transmission lines and corridors. They also use existing project security and services. Non –fed dams outnumber Fed dams 10 to .

    3. This year is historically one of America’s most disastrous due to the large expansion of population and related facilities these past fifty years.
    Replacement or repair typically uses nails and boards–the perfect fodder for tornados, fire and flood.

    There is a 50-year old technology that prevents most all of that. It suffers from a common ailment, trying to gain attention. The system is monolithic domes and easily accessed on Google.

    Reconstruction in ravaged areas can produce a variety of new jobs by establishing a few hundred newly formed small companies of 20-25 people.
    This proposal will create hundreds—likely thousands– of small businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs, in all 50 states..

    The pool of people for that endeavor should mostly come from those victims who suffered the greatest losses. Heads of small businesses or managerial positions should come from those who lost theirs.

    These folks will be trained in the construction of a different type of structure, monolithic concrete domes. Each new company will be awarded 20-30 structures, balanced on size and complexity of structures, to jump start their business. They will become experts using monolithic dome construction techniques. Tens of thousands of jobs can develop relative to this program, including large areas outside disaster zones. A prevention reaction.

    The leading companies in the monolithic dome system will bid on demonstration and training efforts which include the company constructing both large and home size buildings as demonstration and training exercises. They will not compete with the newly formed businesses for a to be determined period.

    Part of the existing monolithic firms contracts can be to manufacture the dome balloons to speed the beginning of the
    reconstruction program.

    While some federal money should go into this program insurance companies should pick up the vast majority of damage costs they legally owe


    Veterans shall receive 20% of the business startups and employees shall be 10% veterans on this specific project.

    4. Long ago in the campaign Governor Perry discussed the 1,200 mile border between Texas and Mexico. He has dismissed wall building a
    and spent $400 million patrolling the border, boots on the ground of Texas Rangers and others. Other states to the West feel differently.

    If walls are not for Texas, Arizona and others may want this system to seal their borders tight. The illegal immigration problem must be solved now!

    In my college days (1946-50) I worked each summer in a packing house for fruit. Companies, grower groups or individual farmers needing
    seasonal labor specifically defined their needs in particular skills, minimum hours of work, wages, accommodations other legal stipulations
    that applied. The Mexican government matched people to those jobs. Their green card was a positive I.D. If they violated any part of their
    contract they were sent home immediately. The system worked beautifully. It should be used now .

    All other illegal immigrants shall be deported back to their country of origin. That debate should be decided by voters, not by ideology.

    A wall shall be constructed between Mexico and the United States wherever votes approve it. If approved, I recommend a single design
    for a fast and effective method to construct the wall. It must be constructed at the least cost possible cost to stretch dollars. The military
    in Afghanistan probably has special experience in wall construction—check.

    Though Texas doesn’t want it I use the 1,200 miles of border in an example. The 1,200 miles would be broken into 120 10-mile segments of wall.
    Each segment shall be awarded through a bidding process. They could be reserved for small business companies. A business may only receive
    only one contract. Union membership, wages, rules, etc. are not allowed. We need speed and economy.

    The wall will be a single design. This is my example concept: 12’ wide reinforced concrete panels can be hauled as extra-wide loads on highways.
    They are 34’ long, 2’ thick with tongue and groove edges and be made from reinforced concrete. They will be prefabricated at locations selected
    by competitive bidding that includes delivery to the sites. Truck trains would work well. Again, only one contract per successful bidder. Large companies can compete on this phase but union membership, wages, rules, etc. are not allowed..

    Panels will be buried 10-feet deep. Trenching machines could excavate to that depth rapidly. Fill the void with bentonite slurry to retain trench shape and is displaced on insertion of panels. The 24-feet of wall above the ground will be capped and tied together by a 6-foot inside diameter concrete
    pipe with a slot just wide enough to slip over the top of the wall. They shall span 3 panels at their mid-width that not only ties them together but also prevents grappling hooks from working. A single piling or slanted concrete brace will be inserted every other panel. Post tensioning may be required.

    GPS systems will ensure alignment precisely along the border. Structural designers will fine-tune the concept. All contracts run concurrently. In one
    year the United States will demonstrate to the world what it can do when provoked.

    5. The fifth job proposal requires Congress dedicate extra-ordinary attention and funding based upon the Corps of Engineers best estimates
    to rapidly take all measures to ensure its levee systems can control future flooding. 100-year floods can occur two or three years in a row.
    The aging Federal dams need overhaul above normal operations and maintenance. Congress has been stingy with badly needed funds.
    Overhaul can be combined with tailwater modifications for contract efficiency.

    Private dikes proved very vulnerable this last hurricane. A cutoff wall will fix the majority of them for future reliability. The Corps used a new system
    in New Orleans project that has hydraulic driven arms that grab each side of a pile and push it into the ground—no high booms and heavy hammer.

    The Corps of Engineers is the first member of the Sierra Club, praised to the high heavens by John Muir. The Corps and its projects needs to
    be free of excessively burdensome EPA heavy hands. NO environmental impact statement more than two pages long. Contracts must proceed
    at warp speed.

    These five programs will invigorate design, construction, supply and related business activities. New jobs allow mortgage payments to be made and necessities obtained. Pride can grow. Work skills retrieved and honed. These activities will jump start America s recovery, stimulate business and investor confidence to unlock investment funds.

    B. America’s K-12 education system is a swamp, convoluted and broken beyond repair. It shall be eliminated and replaced with a 21st century
    state-of-the art system. Implementation must be forceful, fast and effective. Ignorance is civilization’s number one enemy. We must cure that.

    When a blackboard is full we erase, create a clean slate and start anew. By November 1, 2012 these actions must be completed. The new system
    must be in place for the 2013 school year.

    1. Eliminate the Department of Education.
    2. Eliminate all laws, regulations, rules, mandates, contracts—all activities attached to the current education system.
    3. Install a new 21st Century education system placing total responsibility in the private sector.
    4. Offer the new system globally.

    Any U.S. citizen at any age shall receive a High School diploma upon passing a two consecutive days written and oral examination based upon reconfigured and expanded SAT-like exams and procedures. Exams will be offered quarterly. All exams are written, administered, performed and graded in English. There will be seven differentiated exams—modified annually–from which one will be randomly assigned each candidate. Each day’s exam is distributed the day taken. No aids will be tolerated. Apprehended cheaters are banned from taking another examination for two or more years.

    Applicants must register and be qualified, documented U. S. citizens meeting all legal requirements. They shall be photographed, fingerprinted and iris scanned to ensure identity and maintain performance records.

    Students are clients. It is immaterial how, where or when sufficient knowledge and skills are obtained for competitive levels that employment and/or higher education demand.

    Capabilities and quality of instruction will be quantified and verified for contractors and carefully audited and enforced. Education sources must satisfy a Performance Contract measured through unannounced monitoring of staff and conditions plus spot quizzes and cumulative records of effectiveness in transfer of knowledge and skills. Contractors annual ranking and contract retention depends upon the percentage of their students passing quizzes and the test. Unsatisfactory performance requires termination from the program. Those involved in the failed enterprise are excluded from participation in the program for at least four years.

    A minimum score of 80% is required in every subject. Percentages within the 20% zone aid in admission selection by higher education institutions or workplace hiring. Students who fail may take a different exam in nine months.

    Contractors establish their approach in detail to embed knowledge and skills in students to pass the exam. Cost, convenience, safety, learning support, innovation, effective and efficient practices, top quality teachers, etc. will rank the competition.
    Payment vouchers go directly to contractors. Finance comes from Federal, State and local taxes. Each state oversees its education efforts.

    Competition includes all education systems including public schools meeting current Federal performance standards plus private, parochial, charter, virtual, correspondence, home schooling and those to come. Failed K-12 schools enter Chapter 11 with all assets auctioned through competitive bidding. Retirement and health benefits for qualifying personnel are protected.

    A qualified reformulated facility can join the competitive education program. A large segment of top administrators, staff and teachers from failed K-12 schools will see opportunities in a competitive system that properly rewards not only their performance but also provides superior education for children who desire learning. Union membership is not required.

    High tech companies should be encouraged to support the programs with equipment, software and training as part of the program. Special laptop computers with carefully tailored software shall be given to students and personalized with iris I.D. to render computers useless to thieves. Bookless facilities should become the norm.

    Those wishing careers in sports, arts, entertainment, etc. require a different education that may be adopted by and coordinated through the YMCA, YWCA, Little Theaters, Art Schools, Community Colleges, State, county and city Parks programs, etc. They require a much simpler academic program with much greater emphasis on talent and skills. They may be pursued concurrently by students preparing to pass the two-day exam.

    The mountain of extraneous activities, causes, promotions, lawsuits, doctrines and endless issues plaguing today’s K-12 education are unsolvable since their drivers are those living off them.

    If children and those legally/morally responsible for them are committed to willful ignorance, are unmotivated and content with stupidity, it is their business and right—not that of government. They can exercise their right to remain unemployable and suffer the consequences.

    Those rejecting education will not be coerced to attend class. They can transfer their disinterest, resentment, feelings of inadequacy, envy and their resulting disruptive behavior. They will just be doing time.

    A reconstructed K-12 program will produce a surge of motivated, bright students to rapidly finish high school requirements and move onto greater heights. It will inspire dropouts and older people who skipped school entirely to re-enter the quest for education. In ten years the U.S. will regain its domination in brainpower and the productivity it brings.

    Imagine the leap toward ending ignorance throughout the world by over-riding physical, social, and religion-based barriers against women, children and students becoming highly knowledgeable in closed countries.

    We know Obama’s commitment to select, train and disperse 100,000 new teachers for science and math will involve fairness, race, qualifications, P.C., and hundreds of other issues. They will not be clones but unknown products in philosophy, temperament, bias, talent, dedication and many other ways.

    In contrast the new private sector school system will require only FIVE teachers for each of the 300 topics. That allows rotation for vacation, sick leave and other activities while delivering daily lectures. They will speak to billions of students around the earth. To cover subjects required by the two-day exam I estimate 300 courses will suffice.
    Imagine a 1,500 person cadre of the finest; most effective teachers lecturing over the internet to learners everywhere, translated
    into all languages as used by the U.N. Every state-of-the-art system and equipment shall be employed to supplement teaching.
    Animation will allow dissection of worms, frogs or any critter plus laboratory experiments from chemistry through physics can be
    done digitally without blowing up facilities. Software entrepreneurs will devise new programs to expand capabilities into design and invention.

    Five is the perfect number of people to address any problem. There are not ties in debates and decisions. Five provide the most alternatives and synergism. Each area of knowledge transfer shall be staffed with the highest qualified teachers with best resumes.
    Once selected they will manage their own development of lesson plans, etc.

    Selection of the 1,500 shall be left to a committee chosen by the private sector businesses that take part in the new K-12 system.

    The lectures by the 1,500 teachers will be supplemented by those teachers within high performing existing K-12 schools and all other competing
    groups heretofore listed within the U.S.

    Our new education system will blanket the earth and forever challenge abusive leadership through overcoming ignorance through tastes of liberty.

    William Lowell Kelly

    C. Unleash the power of Value Engineering with mandatory complete support by ALL the Federal government. President Clinton signed
    PL 104—106 that mandates its application. It is the most feared program of all bureaucrats. It is a good virus that seeks waste, fraud
    and abuse wherever it exists and demolishes the cause. I have hundreds of studies I have lead that can slash government by 50% or more.

    A complete understanding of the program requires the very detailed, large attachments I have available. To help I will scan my modest textbook,
    “You and Value Whatnot” for free downloading. I want no royalty. I want a pledge from down loaders to donate to the Wounded Warriors whatever
    they think the book is worth to them.

    D. My exit strategy from Afghanistan is 180 degrees opposite from Obama’s cut and run. It is based on this report:


    Up to $3 trillion in rare earths and precious metals lie under Afghanistan’s feet, The Minister of Mines announced the discovery of vast mineral
    riches in the country. Some mines are set to become operational shortly, but rare earths are found in a Taliban stronghold. Mineral wealth could
    lead to the development of infrastructures and create jobs.

    Kabul (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Afghanistan has deposits of rare earths, gold, copper, iron and other minerals
    worth an estimated U$ 3 trillion. The problem is that they are located in one of the country’s most dangerous
    spots, on the south bank of the Helmand River, in a traditional Taliban stronghold.

    That Afghanistan sits on vast mineral wealth has been detailed in several surveys, the most extensive of
    which were conducted by the Soviets in the 1970s, even though their import has been underestimated.

    In 2007, the US Geological Survey estimated 1.4 million tonnes of rare-earth elements. Afghan Minister
    of Mines Wahidullah Shahrani said that the country was full of deposits across the country.

    We need to reverse Obama’s early withdrawal and halt America’s backsliding position in world affairs. We must double down, erase
    the Taliban and magnify the unreported massive gains our military has achieved in converting the population to our view. Five
    Afghan soldiers or police die for every one NATO force. My detailed proposal is a must read. It’s too large for this document. .

    E. Obama’s highway, pot holes, bridges, etc. bill is a $120 billion waste. We must build roads/railroads that last 50 years minimum without O&M.
    I show modern methods that build highways and railroads at one-third the cost of standard practices. We must consider the new Panama
    canal that passes ships twice current maximums. Their cargo boxes are twice the size and weight and need new pavement sections to
    prevent terrible damage to existing highways. I cover this is detail.

    F. To spur new business activities I will present and discuss about 30-40 of my ideas open to everybody to adopt, develop and implement.
    They range from large to small enterprises. They include a proposal to mitigate drought conditions.

    I will discuss people’s potential, the creativity and innovation that comes with a brain. I will explain the process to develop and exercise
    creative skills. This will be in opposition to attachment one, Bernanke s $2 billion fund to encourage R&D. It shows how useless economists
    are in stimulating new inventions and innovation.

    There are millions of ideas flowing from Americans on a continuum. However, they encounter the jungle surrounding inventors that entangles
    and halts their quest of implementation. They give up. I know firsthand after more than 1,250 continuous days attempting to implement my patent; approved April 17, 2008 and published January 20, 2009.

    Bernanke should put the $2 billion into the Patent Office to upgrade, expand and install a Watson computing system that can scan the zillions of patent applications and searches required with least costly one day answers. Advice to inventors should be expanded and more readily available. That would prevent countless Americans with ideas from waiting months for verdicts of go/no go. HE IS CONSIDERING A NEW STIMULUS PACKAGE! WSJ HE DID IT! MORE DEBT. OCT. 2012.

    Examples Ideas:

    1. Stop pushing and stacking snow in cities and major facilities such as airports. Melt it and send it down storm drains and ditches. Micro-waves
    turn cold water to steam quickly. They don’t mix with metal. Design 12-foot wide (traffic lane width) ceramic, plastic, etc. boxes and use ultra-sound, micro-waves, hundreds of miniature flame throwers, etc.

    2. Conventional ambulances were helpless in the blizzards. Design and produce new enclosed snowmobiles that accommodate a horizontal patient and sitting paramedic. Outfit with all necessary emergency equipment and supplies. Develop the same line of machines to deliver emergency supplies and aid to stranded homes, vehicles, hikers, etc. in snowbound situations.

    3. Develop a digital pen that has a light, camera, software, storage, etc. of a computer. It shall record every mark whether written words, doodles, sketches, cartoon characters, etc. Software will allow a choice to leave the erased material in the file or obliterate it. Internet capabilities are a choice. I visualize the pen as the ultimate very personal device, available whenever an ideas strikes, an amendment to an important and classified paper, etc.

    4. Ideas will include one-way traffic airport design; a new airplane bulkhead design to accommodate mothers and infants less than a year old; selling more diapers than anyone else; controlling flash floods with a modular pre-fab and easily expanded dam design. Ideas range from clothing styles to easing weeding positions for the elderly.

    5. I must carry baby aspirin with me at all times to react to angina events. To ensure their presence I want people to design eyeglass frames, belt buckles, watch bands, rings, wallets or purses or any personal item that is worn daily to house at least two tablets.

    6. I want car designers to reintroduce the rumble seat. At six years of age I rode in one and the exhilaration stays with me still It will allow the most flashy sport or luxury two-person car to accommodate and tickle two additional riders.

    7. In my manner to privatize the K-12 education system I also want to privatize America’s health system and abolish Obamacare as follows:

    G. I want teams from the private health care industry to convert all present efforts to furnish health care services to Americans into a holistic, reconfigured and tailored system for the entire United States. It shall be done without constraints to portray an ideal, just and sustainable system.
    It should be bound only by what the Constitution demands for treating the General Welfare and not the millions of restrictions and demands placed upon it by government.

    It should incorporate unique and state-of-the-art solutions handling patient I.D., paperwork, quality assurance, claims, etc. and the best combination and working relationships among high end medical practices by top quality staffs to regular health care elements such as hospitals, specialty centers, large and small clinics, etc. to very basic services such as in-store clinics in Wal-Mart or Walgreens.

    Mobile units could be equipped to perform basic services such as giving shots, dispensing medications–except those sought to satisfy addiction, elementary diagnosis and advice, dental care limited to extractions and simple fillings, etc.

    They could be assigned regular routes and schedules whether on Indian reservations, poor rural areas, poverty stricken urban areas or very remote towns.

    This shall be done without consideration of the mountains of existing demands and controls over health care. The private plan shall establish its own rules, regulations, standards plus checks and balances to ensure health care is provided FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT.

    The government shall set a minimum of MINIMUM standards to guide the process. Amendments shall require a 66% vote.

    All participants shall pay a fee for every service, however small. Those unable to pay anything shall provide a service from lists each medical element will maintain.

    Health plans will provide varieties of coverage written in clear and simple terms readily understandable by members.

    Constant monitoring for waste, fraud and abuse shall be uppermost and continual. Rapid punishment must occur.

    A carefully crafted restriction of legal activities shall be included. Frivolity and class action suits shall be banned.

    The private sector health care plan should be ready ASAP.

    8. Miscellaneous ideas:

    a. Cure for earmarks. At the end of each month the Government shall post all earmarks as submitted on the internet for a 3-day period.
    American citizens shall vote yes or no on each earmark. The simple majority rules.

    b. I believe Congress should be part time occupants in D.C. They need more face-to-face time with constituents. Follow the
    best State standards that work part time.

    c. Banish daylight savings time. We need not save candle wax any longer.

    d. An afterthought: Ban use of the words “fair” and “fairness” from debates on decisions affecting all Americans. “Fair” is a gauge to measure
    decisions used by 5-year old children (and adults wedded to that year). It is fair if I get my way and unfair if I don’t. A gauge built on emotions
    is no final determination since it ensures get-even cycles. The proper gauge asks “Is it just? The decision is based on parameters than can be

    William L. Kelly, P.E.

  2. William L. Kelly

    Hey Daryl We could have a great bull session–good job! Americans fought
    Muslims in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war. They are still dug
    in today.

    On another subject, Obama claims to have presented a rise in seal level–
    remember? Where in hell is he when Sandy is erasing much of the Northeast?

    Glad to meet you. Bill Kelly

  3. William L. Kelly

    I am a remnant of the Greatest Generation, 87–very old, very wise but unable to be heard. I was in WWII, Pacific theater 1943-46 defending life,
    liberty and pursuit of happiness–including freedom of speech. We won a hollow victory in the latter case. We can speak from any corner
    but cannot find a way to be heard by all Americans. That is the territory of those with extreme power. I have none.

    Is the following worth being broadcast globally? It tames Egypt and denies Libyan terrorists haven inside its borders.

    In his early speech in Egypt Obama apologized to Muslims for America’s tough stance against Islamic terrorism. Most recently he and Hillary apologized to Pakistan and other Muslim countries by blaming a video that justified their attacking American facilities .

    He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia at their first meeting. It had to be a letdown for Saudis to see the leader of America, the world power,
    show subservience and weakness. I worked in Saudi Arabia in 11 different years and know quite well the religion, culture and people.

    Weakness is not a value in the KSA. King Abdulaziz established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because he was a warrior without parallel.
    He fought with few against many, including Turkey, and defeated them all. That’s what they consider leadership.

    Young people in Cairo last week were in pitched battle in the main square in Cairo. They were divided into pro-democracy and supporters
    of the radical element of the Muslim Brotherhood. WE MUST SUPPORT PRESIDENT MOHAMMED MORSI BY LEAVING HIM NO CHOICE BUT

    This proposal has been sent to several sites in the U.S. such as FOX News, DOD, the WSJ Opinion editors and staff with no takers.

    In this proposal our military is completely remote from Egypt and only involved for one 15 minute strike. Nobody has to die, get to high
    ground when a 12-hour warning is given. False alarms with cause immense disruption for all Egypt. It will never be certain when the real event is coming.


    Civilization’s greatest enemy is ignorance. Whether circumstantial or willful, ignorance creates voids that invite opportunists who use myth, superstition, fear and charisma to program innocent youth and gullible elders to serve opportunist’s goals. Obedient ignorance creates problems, obstructs solutions and is the ultimate weapon for terrorism, bigotry and war. Enlightenment is civilization’s best defense.

    Welcome to the Great Satan scam.

    America, Islam’s great Satan, was the first nation to have no official state endorsed religion. Europeans came to its shores seeking freedom to practice their religion. Colonies formed around each.

    The First Amendment to America’s Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    It guarantees the free exercise of religion while also preventing the government from establishing a state religion.

    America hosts 313 major religions that practice their beliefs and worship their God without fear. How many Muslim countries are this tolerant and open to other religions?

    America needs no apology for its role in world affairs. History reveals America’s compassion for those battered by disasters. We offer aid immediately and dedicate our resources to search and rescue survivors; treat victims; supply food, medicine, fresh water and other necessities. We donate expertise, management and huge amounts of money and time for restoration. It is in our culture.

    When we defeated European and Japanese enemies in WWII we immediately helped rebuild their shattered countries. When Russia blockaded West Berlin for nearly a year America operated an airlift of supplies and our support until Russia abandoned its blockade.

    In the mid-East wars America scored victories in Kuwait and Iraq. We kept neither territory nor its resources. We do not want other’s homelands nor treasures. In Afghanistan we can finish crushing the terrorists, rebuild the country based on its $3 trillion of rare earth and precious metals. It can be the Saudi Arabia of lithium. My plan cancels Obama’s cut and run and doubles down on troops, strategy and support that squashes our enemy.

    America has sacrificed far too many of our sons and daughters to terrorist inspired wars. Our veterans carry too many scars of war, external and internal. We waste our wealth to halt leaders obsessed with world domination.

    Since the birth of Christ history is littered with failed attempts to rule the world, when global population was less than one million people. Surely a population of 7 billion people shows world domination is impossible. Yet some dictator egos prevent them from accepting facts. People die daily to satisfy their selfish dreams.

    Too many wars and terror today are based in religion. The prolonged strife between Sunni and Shi’a rests on who has the correct means to maintain religious authority.

    I am unqualified to enter this argument since I am biased toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I know them. They were on our allied side in both WWI and WWII and for decades manage oil prices through production to prevent gouging. They are steadfast friends regardless of propaganda.

    Between 1977 and 2002 I worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11 years for six week intervals. I introduced Value Engineering and provided all services to embed it in Saudi programs. I met and befriended hundreds of Saudi planners, designers, project managers, staffers and government officials, professors, and business leaders. They are quality people.

    In a bid to prepare its citizens to co-exist with the 21st century world the Saudi government sponsored higher education for many thousands of its brightest and motivated young men each year for decades. They went to United States and English colleges and universities. They were immersed in those societies trusting their devotion to Islam was unshakable. There were very few failures.

    The pragmatism of the Royal Family was rewarded. The Kingdom and surrounding Sunni Arab states engage in world business and investment with great confidence, skill and rewards. And, they still abide by their faith.

    In this 21st century is it possible for other Islamic leadership to join modernity plus solve their internal strife and reset Islam’s contribution to civilization. That miracle could generate a massive shift toward world peace..


    American donations of billions of dollars to Egypt mostly end up in foreign bank accounts of those in power. There are good leaders but lack clout. Power hungry leaders do not place welfare of citizens first. They prefer the good life and passing blame for your poverty and idleness on straw men like their Great Satan, America..

    Leaders duty to Egyptians includes not playing dangerous games. They need a clear secular vision for Egypt’s future described in specific programs and projects that create jobs and policies to jumpstart your economy.

    They owe you useful education, opportunity, freedom, liberty, honest government, peace and chance to grow as a person. That should be their number one priority.

    Number two is to ensure teaching matches the finest of the industrialized countries, where you must compete.

    When teachers in thousands of madrassas throughout Muslim countries devote young student’s minds to solely memorize the Holy Qur’an how does that prepare them for careers in medicine, science, engineering, management, business, research and development, manufacturing, etc.? It does not. In ancient times it was a great feat and deserved respect and honored. But today……

    Those students are doomed to live and compete without knowledge and skills necessary to become successful, escape poverty and halt living from handouts. Beautiful minds must be free to explore and invent.




    Teachers in madrassas in many countries commit horrific acts of physical beatings and sexual abuse of very young boys and girls. Google
    the bastion of information freedom details thousands of verified cases of batter, sodomy and rape. Your attempt to coerce Brazil to censor
    Google’s information regarding any criticism of Islam will not change circumstances. Stories Goggled up from the rest of the earth will reach Brazilians and globally via the internet. They will be stories such as this:

    A mother’s son didn’t come home from school. She went searching and found the 5-year old boy unconscious in his own pool of blood in
    a hallway. He was sodomized by his teacher.

    YOUR programmed violence over a cartoon or thoughtless film builds hatred. It resulted in murder of four Americans and asinine vandalism
    in several countries. How will that shoe fit on Islam’s foot?

    If thousands of similar or worst abuses of children are graphically televised daily around the globe won’t the world turn against Islam?
    All Islam. Would other religions become inflamed? Could wars among religions result? Are you ready for Armageddon?

    Why do you allow careless actions provoke it? Radical elements occur throughout society. All of them must be erased.


    Egyptian and other leaders of radical housing countries listen. If any terrorists are housed, protected and allowed to harm any American or destroy American facilities or resources America shall show you fury you shall regret.

    In 1941 Japan’s Ambassador to the United States sat talking peace in Washington D.C. when Japanese bombers were approaching Pearl Harbor. That betrayal was avenged four years later by delivering two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war. We did likewise after 9/11 with Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Know this!

    When America is brutalized beyond a certain point known only to us, it will respond with a fury Satan would abhor.

    America, has paid Egypt billions of dollars over many years to support our regional policies and keep our citizens and holdings free from harm. It became blackmail in a chess game. Those days are done.

    Following Mubarak’s ouster and new elections installed the Muslim Brotherhood government radical groups emerged and America became The Great Satan. The most recent attacks on our embassy, rants and abuse of America’s flag brings into question Egypt’s friendship. Has America been handed Pearl Harbor number two?

    President Mohammed Morsi, if Egypt’s government now or in the future harbors terrorist organizations or elements that harm American personnel or facilities Egypt will become our enemy.

    You will receive 12 hours warning for all people to evacuate the Nile River valley and flee to high ground with their animals and valuables
    because the Aswan Dam shall disappear. America’s Military can erase Aswan Dam in a single strike of a few minutes.

    The wall of water will obliterate or bury much of Egypt’s treasures, farm lands and holdings, parts of Cairo and most of Alexandria. Untold assets will be gone. You lose 28% of your electricity.

    Egypt will be a wasteland. Is that what Egypt wants?


    Decades ago my wife and I toured the Nile from Aswan dam to Cairo aboard a ship. It was magic. The scenes were unchanged from the
    ages of the Pharos. Awesome antiquities flaunted the sophistication of ancient Egypt.

    However, we also saw too many unemployed adults plus children begging from tourists until switches of boat staff ran them off. We got
    a sense Egypt was declining in quality of life.

    Egypt, you are a great nation, excellent universities, business climate, intelligent citizens and other elements. But like too many nations leaders for whom enough is never enough place their pleasure and power above raising living standards for all the people.

    Over 3,500 years ago Egypt passed over a threshold to become the New Kingdom. One must read the New Kingdom’s unimaginable surge in civilization that resulted. The creativity and innovation Egyptians displayed in building the pyramids, temples, homes and creation of materials, medications, works of art and governance still reside in your genes.

    Farmland historically was refreshed each year with sediments from the Nile floods. Aswan Dam halted that. The Nile delta has shrunk to a skeleton, Alexandria is suffering as a result. Let us conceive, design, build and operate as system to cure those problems! Make jobs and
    projects that provide decent return on investment.

    Annual floods over Aswan’s spillways still deliver sediments during the flood season but much less amounts. After the flood season we can
    tap the monstrous supply of sediment in the reservoir to refresh farm soils, refill the delta and maybe add to desert sand for new farmland.
    The delta replacement may occur with suitable materials in the Sinai or closer? Maybe from the delta itself. To ensure the material stays put
    we can design a containment system.

    Starting In the Aswan Dam reservoir we need a dredge system, transfer from dredge to the west shore, transfer and haul to Aswan’s left abutment (avoid the powerhouse), transfer sediment from dam abutment to special barges on the Nile that can offload sediment to farms or
    common stockpiles and finally the belly dump barges can down the Nile and deposit in sediments in the delta.

    As an alternate we can build a railway along the Western bank of the reservoir with open bed cars. The RR can travel west of Cairo on to
    Alexandria. It will transport all other things from passengers on tours to produce and cattle. It will have sidetracks to leave cars near farms
    to off load sediments.

    Egyptians, America offers you its hand. No more people should die. Heaven can wait. Life is too precious and you deserve to live
    it to its fullest. You can grasp America’s outstretched hand or receive the back of it. Please tell your leaders to choose peace.

    Oh! By the way. Israel is not the United States: It sits on your doorstep. It has the same options and much more to lose. I would worry about your relations with them.

    William L. Kelly

  4. Tanya Hazelton, Ph.D.

    Why is Obama so friendly to Muslim Brotherhood? Take a close look at the Arabic inscription on Obama’s wedding band. Scary stuff.

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