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Foster on Why Romney Will Win Big Next Tuesday

Here’s Foster’s article on “Why Romney will big next Tuesday,” which ran in this week’s Jackson Hole Weekly:

Foster Friess speaks his mind

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

By Foster Friess

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Mitt Romney will win by a larger margin than polls predict.

Here’s why:

1. Young voters, who were a huge factor in 2008, are disappointed, disillusioned and aware of how they were conned.

A. Transparency was promised. “Bills will be posted 72 hours before a vote for public comment.” Reality? A 300- page amendment to the Cap and Trade bill was issued at 3 a.m. and even Democrats had insufficient time to read it. Nancy Pelosi’s comment, “We will have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it,” does not represent the type of transparency promised.

B. On national TV candidate Obama stated, “If you like your existing insurance you can keep it. The government plan is just another option.”

Reality? Young voters knew that most people get their insurance through their employers. Employers decide what happens to coverage. Employees have no choice. Today, hundreds of thousands have lost coverage with employers as Obamacare was purposely designed for it to be cheaper for employers to pay the comparatively small penalty than to provide insurance.

C. Candidate Obama promised to bring Americans together.

“No more blue states and red states, but red, white and blue states” he effectively read off his teleprompters and then told the “99 percent” … “you are the reason I ran” … Pitting rich against poor, labor against entrepreneurs, black against white (no rebuke whatsoever when his VP Joe Biden told a black audience. “The Republicans want to put you back in chains.”)

D. He manufactured a Republican “War on Women” and then bowed to a leader of a country who prohibits women from driving cars or voting. What are the salary levels of women in his White House versus salaries of men? Young voters saw through the demagoguery when one of President Obama’s media minions, talk show personality Joy Behar, stated primary candidate Rick Santorum wants to take contraceptives away from women. While Rick Santorum’s honest presentation that he, along with Mother Teresa, adheres to his church’s teaching on not using contraception, he never once in 16 years in Congress ever even whispered about banning them. Young voters and particularly women resent being so manipulated.

E. He articulates a great sounding energy policy of “All of the Above.” Who wouldn’t vote for that? Mike Carey, chairman of the Ohio Coal Association told National Review “the Obama administration has done everything possible to destroy the American coal industry.” “Under Obama’s leadership,” Carey continued, “we have gone from 1.2 billion tons to 800 million. It’s disingenuous at best for Obama to say that he supports the coal industry when we have lost one-third of our production.” Young people recall President Obama’s promise that under his policies “energy costs would skyrocket.”

F. Young voters see through the duplicity of his condemnation of “egregious” tax loopholes for corporate jet owners but then he signed legislation from his Democrat-controlled 111th Congress extending bonus depreciation deduction for corporate jets … three times.

G. And the whopper of all con jobs: Our four fellow Americans were killed supposedly because of a protest that got out of hand due to an inflammatory video? Surveillance videos obtained from the destroyed consulate showed NO protest. Yet that story was told for days by the president’s top officials: after everyone knew it was a premeditated Sept 11th anniversary outright attack. Rocketpropelled grenades and heavy weapons, are hardly things you bring to a protest.Young voters are not stupid. They are idealistic and resent being misinformed.

2. Now let’s turn to other voting groups.

A. Black voters went 96 percent for Barack Obama in 2008.The President of the National Black Chamber of Commercesaid: “He is anti-business … and starting to look Marxist to me … I voted for him because he was black and it was the biggest mistake I have made in my life … that is a lesson I will take to my grave … ‘hope’ isn’t hiring or lowering the price of gasoline … he wanted gas to go to $7.00 a gallon in order to reduce our carbon footprint …” Black pastors are outraged over his flip-flop on same-sex marriage that the president now approves. Add that position to his acceptance of the practice of partial birth abortion and his vote, three times, while he was an Illinois Senator against a bill that would have required medical care be given to babies surviving a botched abortion. That bill passed the U.S. Senate 100 to ZERO. Reverend Bill Owens, President of Coalition of African-American Pastors together with five other regional black pastors stated they have 3,742 African-American pastors on board for the campaign “to save the American Family.” All across America, black parishioners are exhorted to vote their faith, not their skin color.

B. The Jewish vote … over 70 percent in 2008. But today some surveys show only 10 percent of Israelis feel the president has their best interests at heart. Israel was left off as a stop during his “Middle East Apology Tour.” He invites Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the White House even though the new president of Egypt declared the capital of Islam will not be Cairo, Medina or Mecca but Jerusalem. He refused requests to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Over 70 percent in 2012? Forget it.

C. Voters receiving healthcare wonder about how much power the Independent Advisory Payment Panel will have on what treatments will be available when they hear the president on television saying, “maybe it’s better to take pain pills than to have the surgery.”

D. Catholics. How happy do you think that community is being told they will provide the abortion pill and contraceptives whether they like it or not? Notre Dame University alone would be saddled with $10,000,000 a year in fines. And not just Catholics find this intrusive into people’s religious beliefs. Most Americans want to honor the beliefs of those who may have different convictions. Americans would be incensed if Jewish Kosher delicatessens were forced to sell ham sandwiches and other pork products.

E. Voters want a government they can believe in. Live video tapes obtained from the Bengazhi consulate show no protests but instead armed men conducting an attack. Yet in the next five days Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said the problem was caused by an inflammatory anti-Islam video.The Benghazi tragedy and purposeful distortions reveal to almost all Americans of every voting block that they can’t trust their government to square with them. They have to be chilled by the fact that the Obama administration arrested the person who created the film … an affront to what Americans believe is a paramount virtue, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

A Romney win will give us a new president who embraces fiscal responsibility, the free enterprise system, the rule of law, religious freedom, a spirit of cooperativeness and riddance of divisiveness. This transformation is particularly important to those of us who live in Wyoming as coal and other carbon energy sources are important to our economy. Our legislature contemplates an eight percent reduction in our state budget due to falling natural gas prices. Maybe we can regain the funds Wyoming lost when the Democrat-controlled Senate reallocated $700 million that mineral companies deposited for land reclamation after mining operations were complete.

On November 7, let’s all remember John F. Kennedy’s exhortation to, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” We have hard work ahead of us, let’s all pull together.

Find Foster’s JH Weekly article here.

  1. Rooney

    Just goes to show you , old Foster dont know squat ! Remember this is America and majority rules !

  2. Steven P,Eells

    Unfortunately,many young people and adults will cast votes for Obama without doing any research about him.If one were to explore even a little of the president’s backround,I feel assured in saying that even a scant amount of data would warrent a vote for Romney.All-American Steve

  3. Robert

    Hi hope you’re right Matthew – I’m guardedly hopeful you are!!

  4. Ruthie Keene

    I so hope Foster is right and that I live with 2 of most nieve young people who voted for Obama last time, still think he hung the moon and early voted for him again this time. Where did I go wrong or were the children switched at the hospital? Maybe once they are out of college and in the real world they will wake up. I pray every night for our country and for my children who have no idea what kind of mess they will have to clean up in the future.
    Ruthie Keene
    Nashville, TN

  5. Shirley Embrey

    Foster is so right on with this article. :-)
    I just finished watching the DVD, ‘Obama’s America 2016.
    It is really an eye opener!
    I am praying that God will get Obama out of office before he turns our country into a third world country.
    Shirley Embrey
    San Antonio, Texas

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