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Reaction to Brent Musburger’s Admiration for Miss Alabama Underscores Why We Need to Restore Christian Values

Katherine Webb

Philippians 4:8 says, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

But in our culture, it seems goodness can only be praised with a tone of irony. This might explain the negative response to Brent Musburger’s genuine, gentlemanly praise of Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama and girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. During ESPN’s coverage of the BCS National Championship Game last week, as the camera lingered on Miss Webb, Musburger said, “You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. What a beautiful woman… Whoa!” For this, he was widely mocked and derided. ESPN felt it necessary to apologize.

We take offense at all the wrong things. The integrity of women is demeaned on reality shows but when someone praises a woman’s good looks, in a respectful, “aw shucks” manner he is considered indecent! Too often, prodded by the media elites, we instead elevate what is base, crass, violent, profane. A culture that tends to ignore or even despise what is good recoils at appreciations of true beauty.

What Musburger said was the opposite of so much of the ironic spite that fills our airwaves. Most of us at home watching the game likely agreed with his sentiments, but the media elite could not stand such a sincere recognition of something wonderful. Miss Webb herself said she appreciated the praise and that the apology was unwarranted.

We need a cultural recalibration. I hope you’ll be inspired to be part of the effort that is gaining ground every day to resuscitate these values, which people are realizing are so critical to a well-functioning society.  John Adams said “ Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” A free, virtuous people do not need a government to control every aspect of their lives, they do not need word police to censor their thoughts.

But when a society has no compass, when those who praise the good are labeled bad, the moral chaos that ensues gives tyranny a chance to take root, as our Founders warned. We have a decision to be a country inspired by values or virtues, or governed by rules and regulations.  If our focus is on the opposite of good, the disorder in our souls will be reflected in our culture–and our politics.

Brent Musburger, I thank you for who you are, for your kindness, and for the polite way you recognize one of the realities of God’s beautiful creation. There is beauty everywhere–most especially within each and every human soul–but if we can’t even recognize evident outward beauty, how can we begin to acknowledge the more profound goodness that cannot be seen?

We all need to encourage those who criticized Brent to be open to more than the narrow way of looking at life that the statists are attempting to impose. It’s well and good to appreciate the goodness all around us!

Here’s a clip of Musberger praising Miss Webb (33 seconds).

  1. jcspring

    It will truly be a great day in America when we wake up to the evils of religion. Hopefully sooner then later.

  2. Sandy Buresch

    On good morning america a host I have always had a lot of respect for commented in a similar way about an up and coming movie star who had two famous sisters…singer songwriters. He had met this woman and seemed very infatuated with her beauty and talent. What is wrong with positive, genuine comments that can only do good? I surmised she also had lots of inner beauty as well and it had shown through. Nothing was said about his comments. Personally I think it would be difficult to be so gorgeous because of the negative treatment one would get from all the jealousy. Some people just couldn’t get past that beauty to the inner beauty. I always wonder how different my life would have been if I hadn’t been continually abused verbally and thus built up confidence. Been told by both sexes that I am beautiful because I don’t know it. People who are so positive with kind words have helped build the confidence and thus my children with benefit from a better example.

  3. Ed Hodkinson

    Foster, really direct and beautiful thoughts. It seems that, to an extent we could never have imagined, everything in society is just reversed- like poles on a magnet.
    Harmless, unoffending comments are made to sound like rank profanity, while rank profanity (ala, Joe Biden’s profane “slip” about passing Obamacare being, well
    I won’t even shorten the profanity so as to allude to it and give it credence) is made into a t-shirt by the White House. Can you ever imagine our society would have
    devolved to this?
    In a certain sense, but difficult to really see as a blessing, the ugliness of our culture
    is the “dark mirror” to the unsullied beauty of God’s kingship, kingdom and his perfect word. All the more, we need to cleave to, and seek first, a spotless lamb
    whose very blood is our sustenance and continue strength: like a brilliant and magnificent diamond shining in a dung hill–nothing can diminish His truth and light

  4. Beth Stuckey

    It always shocks me that the liberal media is so negative and out of touch. I love Brent Musberger and always enjoy the color he brings to conversation in the booth. Miss Webb is beautiful and she was in a pageant that gave her a title for it (before anyone gets upset about that comment, I am sure her talent and inner beauty were part of the reason she won the title). What a nice compliment for her. Shame on ESPN for apologizing. They should have taken up for him. He is a respected professional in his field and deserves support. From a former college Home Coming Court representative!

  5. M Steven Gronka

    Hello God bless you fellow Express Riders. Foster did a great job of hitting the nail on the head, but he did even better because he nailed it with a sledge hammer! Our society is run amuck with Progressivism. One key problem is that a lot of good conservative people let Progressives take over the key administrative roles of our children’s education. Part of the result is that a person can hardly give a legitimate compliment about a woman’s beauty without being exceedingly disparaged as an idiot buffoon or worse! We have to get active and take back the reigns. These things happen because too many conservatives have bowed out to pursue other things. Let’s get back in command! Pointing out the obvious and sitting around complaining with an occasional letter to a legislator “ain’t cuttin’ it.”

  6. v

    Maybe u are the true pervert. Pervert.

  7. v

    Ironically Webb is a Christian. She didn’t find anything wrong with Musberger. As I use to joke….”what kind of perverted mind would think that!?” after someone would make a comment like that about Musberger. Maybe they are the true perverts NOT Musberger. This country is too hyper sensitive to sexuality.

  8. Rhett Busburger

    Old creepy man does not understand why public finds other old creepy man creepy. Film at eleven.

  9. Lori Nunnink

    A long time ago I decided that I would consciously and deliberately give a compliment to at least one stranger every day. Sometimes it’s a simple, “If I ever own a restaurant, will you come work for me? You’re are on the ball” to a waitress, or “I so much appreciate you taking so much time to help me” to an extra-helpful store clerk, or “Your humility is such a Godly example to the rest of us” to someone who authentically gives Christ the glory for his success. “You are so beautiful” goes a long way, too.

    When I say that to someone, as I often do, it isn’t always their outer beauty to which I am referring. One day my husband and I were at a restaurant. The little gal waiting on us was exceptionally pleasant and cheery; her outward beauty significantly paled in comparrison. When I told her what a beautiful gal she was, she, literally, appeared more beautiful. Though I was initailly referring to her beautiful temperment, I’m guessing she didn’t often hear the words, “you’re beautiful,’ and the simple gesture gave her an even spunkier jump in her step. The remainder of the meal, the smile never left her face, she raised her head a bit higher, and the confidnece in her voice permeated the room.

    Simple, authentic words of admiration can make someones day, heck, make their year! Listening to Musburger’s compliment of Ms. Webb, it is clear he truly appreciated the beauty she possesses and was well-meaning. It’s a shame that a simple and kind acknowledgement of someones appearance becomes so skewed in todays societal mindset. If Musburger’s greatest crime during his life here on earth was to compliment a woman’s beauty, then I’m certain when he faces Christ for the first time, God will be saying to him, “you did well”.

  10. Rod Gregg

    Thanks for speaking up in Brent’s defense. Your rational assessment is correct. Once again, this is a case of so called “political correctness” gone too far.

  11. Owen Anderson

    I wish I could have been the one to praise the beauty of Miss Webb because that is how we were brought up to appreciate our fellow human beings. The media is so biased today with its reporting that it is hard to find much good in them.
    Foster, your comment during the campaign ref birth control is another example of this. I thought it quite humerous and am saddened by the fact that everything said can be taken out of context and made offensive. I wish I had an answer to what is happening in our society!

  12. Luis Acle

    You are so right when you say:

    “We need a cultural recalibration. I hope you’ll be inspired to be part of the effort that is gaining ground every day to resuscitate these values, which people are realizing are so critical to a well-functioning society.”

    I want to be a part of the effort you mention, Mr. Friess. I am starting conversations with Ed B. and will pursue options to “resuscitate these values” We are talking about health and immigration and private solutions to our national economic challenges and I look forward to meeting you or at least contacting you by email.

    Keep up the good work! God be with you. P.S. Thanks for the Christmas card.

  13. John Dodd

    I too was watching and would have been proud to have my daughter singled out by Brent in this respectful manner. Miss Webb is a Miss Alabama after all, a woman of many talents and admirable qualities. Yet, drawing attention to her is somehow wrong. Very sad indeed, but Foster words encourage us to fight on!

  14. Diana Lopez

    I have always felt that beauty on the inside was more important than beauty on the outside. It would appear that, by saying the apology was not necessary, Miss Webb has been blessed with both.

    I stand by Mr. Musberger and anyone who wishes to express their open admiration of that which is beautiful. What an upside down world we live in when so many aspects of our culture focus on sex, crime and violence, and any attempt to limit our exposure is denounced as narrow minded, yet an honest, respectful compliment is vilified.

    While I sometimes despair that America is past the tipping point, that we can’t come back from our wasteland of relativism, I remember II Chronicles 7:14 and know that the Lord can heal our land, but their are conditions…beginning with humility and prayer.

  15. Daryl L. Hunter

    As you have observed over and over again “profound goodness that cannot be seen” is a fault to those who bring us our news.

    Oh what a decadent culture we see crumbling before our eyes.

  16. Linda Williams

    I couldn’t agree more! This is another example of our nation’s attack on anything and everything that is “normal.” Mothers are attacked for wanting to either leave or not enter the work force to raise their children. Men are attacked for their innate instinct to protect women. Woman are not allowed to say that the men they love are their “heros,” and now men are not to be taken by the sight of an extremely beautiful girl. L. K. Williams author of One Test One Identity.

  17. Sherley Bott

    There was certainly nothing wrong with Brent Musberger’s comments of Miss Webb. Where is the sports world going? Every woman appreciates a compliment.

  18. Mary Sue Walker

    Once again Foster so well said. Todays populace is so acclimated to looking for problems to complain about rather than trying to fix them.
    She is indeed beautiful and Brent said nothing other than praise her.

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