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Sen. Sessions Case Against New Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

Jack Lew was the budget director and chief of staff for a president notoriously bad at budgets. So bad, in fact, that the last budget failed to receive a single vote on Capitol Hill. He is also the author of the current sequester the president himself is now railing against. Sounds like someone we should make Secretary of the Treasury, right?!


Lew was sworn in today after yesterday’s Senate vote of 71-26 in favor, despite Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) plea to reject the nomination (1.5 pages).


This part stood out to me:


It is time that we pointed out that the establishment they are shielding from cuts—the big-government apparatus they are defending—is hurting people every day. Their policies, their endless support of the bureaucracy, has created poverty and joblessness and dependency. In cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago—governed almost exclusively by Democrats at every level—good, hardworking people are hurt every day by the policies of the Left.

-In the city of Baltimore, one in three children live in poverty. One in three Baltimore residents are on food stamps.

-In Chicago, there were roughly 500 homicides in 2012. Fifty-one percent of the city’s children live in a single-parent family.

-In Detroit, almost one in three households had not a single person working at any time in the last 12 months. The city’s violent crime rate is among the worst in the country. More than half of all Detroit children live in poverty.

This should not happen. These are the consequences of leftist policies. We are fighting to create jobs, to create rising wages, to create opportunity, to help more people earn a good living and care for themselves financially. We are trying to lift people out of poverty, to strengthen family and community. And we are trying to protect the good and decent people of this country from a debt crisis.

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