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Humorous Parody of Hitler Realizing He Can’t Keep His Doctor Under ObamaCare

Watch this 3:50min video.

  1. Leslie MacDill

    I am deeply offended that the words “humorous” and “Hitler” are used in the same sentence as our President and Commander-In-Chief.

    When his predecessor was in office, the GOP literally blew a gasket if anyone dared to challenge any decision or his authority – and yet THIS, along with cartoons portraying the First Family as apes – is now totally okay.

    This is beyond disgusting. However, it does expose those people who are two-faced and not the least bit interested in moving this country forward. Their only interest is themselves.

  2. eml

    What is wrong with democrats that they can not tell the truth because they lie so much they have no idea what truth really is.

  3. Richard

    Of course, it’s a wonderfully insensitive, inflammatory satire, but that’s not the same thing as being factually inaccurate.

  4. Richard

    Specifically, which parts of the rant aren’t factually true?

    Just curious…

  5. Richard

    Yeah, having to pay for your own elective (read optional) drugs & procedures is of course exactly like the abuse women experience under Sharia law…

    Isn’t moral equivalence grand!

  6. John T. Flores


    Did or did not Obama deliberately mislead the American people numbers times by directly saying that we can keep our Doctor and our health care plans?

    The answer is unequivically – Yes. Period end of Story. This is indisputable.

    He knew there was no way that Obamacare would pass without making these assurances that he absolutely knew were false.

    He is being called on the carpet for his lies. And he should be! American’s know they were lied to and they don’t like it. That is why fewer Americans trust him than ever before.

    People will say “Well it’s the law of the land, deal with it.” No Sir. We can change the laws of the land. Who is Obama and his Administration to say this when they ignore the laws of the land that they don’t like even though they’ve sworn to uphold them.

    Good Day.

  7. Richard

    Oh, and notice how it’s both sides of the isle that are managing to take it wrong. Humorless people…

  8. Richard

    It is damn funny if one’s panties aren’t firmly stuffed up one’s a$$.

    But, since the best humor is often just the truth with a perspective twist, I am curious to know what parts of the rant weren’t factually true.

  9. Alex cranberg

    Interesting explanation of the apparent subterfuge behind “you can keep your plan”. If there’s another side to the substantive discussion it certainly couldn’t be discerned from any of the name-callers on this blog.

  10. Maureen O'Reilly

    This is appalling. I am deeply disappointed.

    Mo O’Reilly

  11. Maureen O'Reilly

    This is disgusting. I am deeply disappointed.

    Mo O’Reilly

  12. mike

    You had me laughing from the first 30 seconds! However don’t think this means I’ll ever vote for the party of big business, which means I’ll never vote Democrat or Republican. Your point about Obamacare is right on. In fact you went a little easy on the guy and his plan. But, it’s better than your plan, which so far seems to amount to “Pay or Die”. That’s not going to get you guys anywhere. As the only holdouts in the advanced industrialized world against public health care, your Neanderthal characteristics are sinking your credibility on the issue of health care. Got another plan? Love to hear about it.

    Please don’t insult peoples intelligence by coming up with a plan that allows you to keep your insurance wherever you go. All that means is I get to keep the profiteers on my back as I move through my career. Shove that. Now here’s the challenge to you: let’s hear about your plan that doesn’t include some scum sucking middle man up my ass. Kay? if you can’t do it then get another career as a comedy director. You may have missed your calling.

  13. jack

    I don’t think using Hitler helps you to be taken seriously.
    If the Republicans ever need to be respected on the issue of Health Care, they should propose a plan of their own one day.

  14. Rac

    Obamacare is constitutional policy…GET OVER IT!
    This comparing Obama to Hitler is not funny at all………just mega donors putting this stuff into the republican bloodstream. It is hurting the republican congress and the party as a whole. By the way how can you be a nazi and a marxist at the same time?

  15. Russ

    Same reason that they hate poor people, people of color, and gay people. They are not them.

  16. MrC#7

    Nobody hates sick people. People hate that the entire healthcare system, problematic but working, was blown up and taken over by government.

    To fix the small hole in the roof, Democrats blew up the house.

    Curses upon them. They did it to control the population. They took over 1/6 of the economy. That’s what Fascists do, not Americans.

  17. Paul Callicoat

    Judy, there are no facts here, just tasteless spin. There is NO reporting here. Just GOP BS propaganda. Wake up!

  18. Paul Callicoat

    Really Antiliar, If you don’t see the dishonest blatant obstruction based in Racism, you are the blind one.

  19. Paul Callicoat

    Really Foster? You’re “humorous” Hitler ad is despicable and your kind are exactly what is wrong with our country: Bitter rich old white guys wanting the world their way. With all due respect, you are a first class jerk! p

  20. tommm

    You know folks–and this is coming from an Obama-believer whose middle name is ‘Progressive’–but it IS funny. This movie segment has been done dozens of times on different subjects (Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings, etc) and this one is right up there. It doesn’t need to factual to be funny. So let’s all take a deep breath and wallow in the corniness of the line, “He doesn’t know your dating ‘Fat Fingers–I mean Dr. Feingold…”

  21. anthony b

    funny that the “aspirin between the knees” guy is complaining about this.

    stay classy

  22. Richard

    Oh, and by the way, THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Richard

    Actually, Hitler is portrayed as one of the unwitting victims
    of ObamaCare, an Obama supporter who believed the promises only to be
    blindsided by it.  If you actually follow the dialog, Obama is one of their own…
    we can’t blame Bush…” “Let’s blame Ted Cruz.”

  24. Birgit

    Facts?? Really? You people want to enact Sharia law right here in the good ol USA with your oppression of women and disenfranchisement of minorities. Facts.. PFFT!!! lololol!!!

  25. Birgit

    Great rebuttal!!

  26. Birgit

    Putin is just a distraction… not to mention all of our own atrocities, (have you bothered to read the UN report?), we have some nerve telling other countries what to do when we don’t even follow rules we have agreed to! We are committing our own atrocities right here in our backyards with for profit jails housing minorities and the mentally ill. Let’s check and balance our judicial system and tax system… there’s something to keep us busy for a VERY long time.

  27. Birgit

    This video is proof that these mega millionaires are suffering from the pitiful educational system just like the rest of us. Dumb, stupid, and ignorant as the day is long!!!

  28. mcd

    you try to avoid confuse lefties with truth, and we’ll try not to confuse you with Hitler – gonna be tough for us both.

  29. mcd

    Clinton called himself the first black president and his offices are in Harlem.

  30. Ken

    This is disgusting. Just plain disgusting. What is wrong with people? What is wrong with Republicans?

  31. Traven

    What kills me about right-wingers and Obamacare is that the ACA is the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation. It IS the conservative approach to comprehensive health care — it keeps private insurance at the center instead of government and, with the mandate, compels personal responsibility on freeloaders.
    The alternative is the system we had before, with increasing numbers of uninsured, meaning the rest of US paying for their care either through taxes or increased insurance premiums, or a single-payer, government-run system. WTF is wrong with you people? Instead of opposing Obamacare, you should have declared it a victory for free enterprise and the principle of personal responsibility.

  32. Antiliar

    No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s a black man or a biracial man except, perhaps, to your little racist mind that sees everything in terms of race. Republicans disagreed with Bill Clinton’s policies too, so was he also a black man? How about Jimmy Carter? Was he black too when he was president? Kind of puts the lie to your bogus assertion, doesn’t it? Time to pull your head out of the toilet and flush.

    By the way, why didn’t Pennsylvania Democrats vote for football legend Lynn Swann for governor? Must be because Lynn Swann is a black man.

  33. Frank

    Why does Foster Friess and the rest of the GOP hate sick people?

  34. John Walsh

    These folks tend to side with Putin over the President of the United States…..but of course it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a black man

  35. John Walsh

    So Republicans are like Communists because they don’t like healthcare reform.

    Oh yeah….and all Doctors are Jews… it.

  36. Jeff Kunz, MD

    As an old friend of yours who went to school with Russ Feingold, we have nothing to fear from him. Despaite our political differences he is an honest, brilliant, and leading American who wants only the best for the USA and its people.

    Think we have greater worries on our horizon from another Hitler wannabe–Herr Putin!

  37. nyp

    So you are comparing opponents of ObamaCare to Hitler?

  38. Judy

    Gotta love this video. Facts, nothing but the facts but let’s not confuse the Lefties with the truth. They find that fact based reporting to be so disturbing.

    This same video is making the rounds in a different version based on CAIR’s attempt to block a documentary, “The Honor Diaries” dealing with the brutalization of women and children under Sharia Law. Check out Front Page Magazine and the link below.

    Stay steadfast, stay strong! utm_source=FrontPage+Magazine&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bed95f8c38-Mailchimp_FrontPageMag&utm_term=0_57e32c1dad-bed95f8c38-156419081 amm

  39. ADOLPH


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