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Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. — Galatians 6:2

When you do it for the least of my brethren, you do it for Me. — Matthew 25:35-40

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What do you think we should do about the War on Christianity?

After my recent visit to Israel, I scratch my head why some mainline denominations are encouraging divesting in companies that have business with Israel, yet are missing in action when it come to the War on Christianity.

Does this puzzle you as well and what should we be doing about it?  I’d like to see America “Arm the Kurds.” They are willing to be the “boots on the ground” while we provide ammo and air cover.  Why not?

Here is link to pertinent article.

  1. Richard McPherson

    Foster, about 100 years ago Muslims woke up to the fact that if they pretty much operated under the laws of free countries like America’s claiming only to be a religion, the could freely expand not only undeterred by law enforcement, or the military, but in fact being protected by them. Every Mosque is nothing more than a planned geographical location to spread their influence. As long as crude oil remains above around $40 a barrel, the oil buying world is paying Muslims to expand their influence to take over the world. in addition to Mosques they have established training facilities. There are some 42 plus Muslim/jihadist training camps just in America. In 1972, on my first staff duty in the U.S. Navy, I was assigned the collateral duty of being the staff anti-terrorist warfare officer. In the days our teachers/instructors were people with 50 years of experience in dealing with entities intent upon the destruction of America. It’s when I learned about the Muslim declaration in 1926 “One God, One Aim, One Destiny” by the “Universal Islamic Society” in Detroit; the one Jimmy Carter is speaking at this week. Today they have infiltrated every government entity; they have access to our most precious secrets; our personal information including financial’, military & government service; and any legal information. In the past three years, I have been invited to speak to small group of international investment bankers. For my first talk they asked me to talk about the subject, “Can America Recover?” Two years later it was “Can America Survive?” The easy answer is “Yes” but will we? Our greatest opportunity for the economy is domestic energy using American technology by American citizens to become energy & economically secure. The government just needs to get out of the way of our private sector. To do that we need politicos who live by their Oath of Office under our Constitution. That means get rid of all Democrats to start. Richard McPherson

  2. Bill Stevens

    You may not remember me, but we sat together at the Wilmington (DE) Rotary luncheon two years ago. I am the headmaster of Wilmington Christian School. This note is to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and, in particular, this one asking the question, “What should we do about the war on Christianity?” I may be biased because of the ministry I have been called to, but I truly believe that without a commitment to the education of the next generation in a Biblical worldview (Psalm 78), we will experience a downturn in faith in our country (already?). I believe God is sovereign and He will not allow His Kingdom to be moved, yet, in the USA, we are seeing a deliberate turn away from godly thinking and biblical values in our young people’s education. The Christian school movement is taking it on the chin. I believe it’s time to rally the troops around the banner of education and those children yet to be born. The home, the church, and the Christian school form that cord of three strands not easily broken.
    Foster, you know of our school and it’s long heritage for the Gospel in the education of this next generation. We could sure use your help in securing our future…
    Peace be with you
    Bill Stevens

  3. Robert King

    I am a Christian. Where is the national group of American men that are openly vocal against ISIS? We need such a group. ISIS needs to hear what we American Christian men have to say to them.

    It is written in the Holy Bible. The blood will flow. I am fed up with what ISIS is doing against Christians. But I cannot act alone. Please steer me in the right direction toward such a Christian group. If there is none…..let us form one. I want ISIS to know that I am a Christian man; I am not going to be converted to their beliefs and I am ready to kill them for what they murders they are committing to Christians are their threats that they are going to kill me if they get the chance.

    I am fed up. Are you?

  4. Hormoz Shariat

    I believe we Christians need to declare war on Islam!

    We have a stronger army, more powerful weapons, and a better strategy. All we need are Christian Jihadists!

    Of course a Christian army with dedicated Christian “fanatics” does not bring death wherever it goes but life. We are not motivated by hatred, but love. Our weapons are not of this world, but have divine power to demolish strongholds. We are led by the greatest strategist as our Commander in Chief.

    We cannot lose. But we need Christian Jihadists who are as dedicated to loving and serving Jehova as Muslim Jihadists are dedicated in serving Allah.

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