Friess Family Foundation

Why would one share a personal look into their family’s wide-ranging charitable, political and social activities? Very simply, the gift of giving encourages and shows others how and why to give. Giving is contagious! Lynn and Foster Friess believe they are stewards of God-given resources that fulfill His purposes best when shared.

As an act of love to God and man, the Friess Family Foundation supports causes ranging from providing immediate and ongoing help after natural disasters, and clean, safe water for Malawi, Africa, to Mobile Medical Ministries, bringing Christian medical care to the underserved. Here are some highlights of the Foundation’s work:

Christian Mobile Medical Vans Are Sweet Spot of True Health Care Reform

Good Samaritan Health Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uses mobile clinics to medical care and the love of Christ to the needy. Foster Friess wants to see this private sector healthcare solution take off around the USA.

Providing Clean, Safe Water for Malawi, Africa

The Foundation has sponsored excellent work by Water Missions International to bring 15 community water systems to Malawi serving up to 70,000 people. A second program in Malawi jointly funded by Rotary International is now underway.

Assisting with Relief and Rebuilding in the Wake of Natural Disasters

Disaster relief and rebuilding rank high in the Friess family’s heart for giving. These disasters cast entire populations into chaos with an immediacy that requires leadership in response. Matching grant funds were set up to bring relief after Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, and the Haiti Earthquake. The Haiti Renewal Fund continues to work to restore and renew that devastated and impoverished country through Partners and others. HRF Partners are Water Missions International, CURE International, and Chances for Children.

An Investing ‘Lothario’ Finds His True Passion in Activist Philanthropy

At a dinner celebrating Foster and Lynn Friess’s 70th birthdays, the Friess’s surprised guests by handing out checks totaling nearly $8 million for them to direct toward their favorite charities.

Foster at 60: Giving Is a Piece of Cake

Foster and Lynn have a tradition of giving to their friends’ favorite charities.