The Vision:

We want to promote patient-driven health care vs. government-dictated health care. By emphasizing Health Savings Accounts, divorcing health insurance from employment and posting prices and outcomes, we encourage more thoughtful health care consumption.  We believe that when the government gets involved in what should be private enterprise, disastrous results follow. Your health should be in your hands. Not Washington’s. Less government involvement means more efficiency, no sense of public entitlement, and more ingenuity in the private sector.

How to Fix Medicare- Heritage

Robert Moffit and James C. Capretta offer their solutions on how to fix the troubled system through market competition, patient choice, and budget controls–instead of more bureaucracy.

Understanding The Problem:

‘Public Option’ Would Destroy Private Health Insurance

Proponents of the so-called “public option” for government health care, claim that it would only be one of many options, competing with private sector insurance. But watch this 41-second cartoon for an excellent depiction of why a government run plan would necessarily beat out private sector plans.

The federal government, despite nearly 60 percent of the country being opposed , managed to pass a law that would mandate American citizens to purchase a product from the federal government, even though the Constitution clearly gives Congress no such power.

Bringing the fates of 300 million Americans under the hands of the federal government creates a bureaucratic nightmare.  Not only will this damage America financially and create more spending issues for a government that is already $14 trillion in debt, this puts lives in jeopardy.

ObamaCare and the Individual Mandate— Heritage

Robert Moffit discusses, among other things, the constitutional troubles with Obamacare. “It is an unconstitutional violation of personal liberty and strikes at the heart of American federalism,” Moffit writes.

ObamaCare And New Taxes: Destroying New Jobs and the Economy— Heritage

Curtis Dubay addresses the detrimental effects of the 18 separate tax increases that ObamaCare will impose upon the American people, taking in $503 billion in taxes between 2010 and 2019. “As a result, the tax hikes in PPACA will slow economic growth, reduce employment, and suppress wages,” Dubay writes.

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms—

David Hogberg lists the roadblocks that ObamaCare will present to Americans and the pursuit of happiness. “We may be about to live Benjamin Franklin’s adage, ‘People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both,’” he writes.

Working Toward a Solution:

Health Care Stakeholders Plan Offers Simple Solutions

Here’s a short and sweet four-point plan that would give states the freedom to cultivate innovative health care solutions–at zero cost to taxpayers. And it starts with changing the tax code.

Read about it here! (about half a page/200 words)

We need leaders who are willing to stand up against the backroom political pressures of Washington and fight for the rights of the American people and the Constitution. Healthcare is certainly in need of reform, but expanding the government by taking over a multi trillion dollar industry is not the answer. There are voices out there with private sector solutions, and they should be heard.

Repealing ObamaCare and Getting Healthcare Right-Heritage

Nina Owcharenko offers her solutions for fixing the troubled system, starting with the repeal of ObamaCare. “Congress cannot build sound market-based health care reform on the PPACA foundation, which is utterly incompatible with a health care system based on consumer choice and free markets.”

Restarting Healthcare Reform-Heritage

Nina Owcharenko suggests a patient-centered, market-based model for fixing healthcare. “This new vision for health care reform would focus on personal ownership. Unlike today’s flawed third-party payment system, consumers would be in charge of their health care dollars and decisions.”

Why ObamaCare is Losing in the Courts-WSJ

David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey discuss the trouble that ObamaCare will face in the courts in the coming months, as three U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals will be rendering decisions on the law. “If ObamaCare is to be upheld, then the Supreme Court will have to abandon … the plain meaning of the Constitution,” they write.