The Vision

“I love America. America gave me wings”
–Dieter Dengler, German immigrant and American Naval Pilot, in Rescue Dawn, a 2007 film based on a true story

We can all agree that without the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be free, this country would not be what it is today. Our identity as an American people is forged through the gates of Ellis Island, through the Statue of Liberty, through the common belief that in America, the land of opportunity, a man with nothing in his pockets can rise to achieve great things. But we are a great nation in large part because we adhere to the rule of law, and well-executed laws regulating immigration and securing our borders are essential to the prosperity of any nation. And we must encourage new citizens to embrace an American identity.

Why Does America Welcome Immigrants?

Of course immigration is essential to America, but as Constitutional scholar Matthew Spalding notes, it is only successful in so far as it involves a “self-confident policy of patriotic assimilation.” Read his perspective here! (three pages/1,600 words)

The New Colossus – Poem on the Statue of Liberty, By Emma Lazarus

These words inscribed on the statue in New York Harbor remind us of why so many have fought so hard for this country and why so many have sacrificed to reach its shores. As part of our immigration policy, we should recall the principles of freedom on which this country was founded. Read The New Colossus poem here! (105 words)

Secure the Border to Prevent Criminals and Terrorists from Sneaking into the USA

This Washington Examiner editorial points out the many smugglers working for Mexican drug cartels who have been illegally crossing our borders; there are even reports of al Qaeda operatives sneaking across the southern border. And a YouTube video shows 700 people crossing during a one-month span.

Read the one-page editorial here, and watch the seven minute video here.

Understanding the Problem:


The age of political correctness has hindered our ability to protect our own people.  We have people in our country who are here illegally, use our services, and do not assimilate into the American identity.

Illegal Immigration is a Human Tragedy

Illegal immigration is dangerous for both the immigrants–crossing under hazardous conditions through lawless countryside–but also for American citizens, and not just those living near the border.

Here is an excellent description of the problem, followed by some solutions (16 pages; about 8,000 words)

Watch Out for President Obama’s ‘Amnesty Dream’

The Obama administration is circumventing Congress instructing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials not to fully enforce laws meant to secure our borders. Read about it here! (two pages/about 1,000 words)

One in Twelve Babies in U.S. Are Born to Illegals

The Wall Street Journal reports that while illegal aliens constitute 4 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 8 percent of all births in America.

Read about it here! (about one page/600 words)

What If NBA Owners Just Allowed Hordes of People to Sneak Into Their Arenas?

How would an NBA owner respond to people just jumping the turnstiles and going to games for free? Why don’t principles we would apply in everyday life–like following the rules, paying your fair share–apply when it comes to the very vital matter of securing our nation’s borders?

Read about it here! (one page/500 words)

Working Toward a Solution

We need to find effective ways to secure the borders, to discourage employers from hiring illegal aliens, and to help legal immigrants better assimilate into American culture. We need to ensure that the administration actually executes the laws created by Congress, rather than create its own immigration policy, unsanctioned by the people.

Policy Suggestions: Promote Visas for the Highly Skilled; Get Rid of E-Verify, a Bureaucratic Mess

Alex Nowrasteh, a policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in a piece, praises Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake’s bipartisan proposal to remove the quotas on employer-sponsored green cards for foreign Ph.D. grads. Nowrasteh also calls for the Obama administration to dismiss the E-Verify program, which, according to one audit, actually approved 54 percent of undocumented workers.

Read it all here! (about 1.5 pages/780 words)

Making Patriots’: The Case for Patriotic Assimilation

We need to ensure that legal immigrants are assimilating into American culture, and it is especially important that they understand our nation’s founding values. Read about it here! (about 20 pages; 10,000 words

Illegal Immigration is a Human Tragedy

Illegal immigration is causing humanitarian problems for both the illegal aliens and American citizens.  Here are some possible solutions from the Heritage Foundation to the nation’s immigration problem, ranging from simply securing the borders and rejection of amnesty to creation of a “market-based temporary worker” program and better public diplomacy. To get to the solutions, search for “The U.S. Response” in your browser. (Solutions portion of this study is about four pages/2,000 words).

Alabama Gets Tough on Illegal Immigration

Here’s an example of a state not waiting around for the federal government to solve its immigration problems. An Alabama law, inspired by legislation in Arizona, mandates that all businesses check to make sure their employees are legal. And, unlike the Arizona law, the Cotton State law requires public schools “to determine the legal status of students and report statistics to the state. And it makes many contracts involving an illegal immigrant unenforceable in state courts.”

Read about it here! (about one page/560 words)