One bill
One subject

One bill one subject

We the People are restless as we watch the dysfunctionality and increased intrusiveness of government into our lives, much of it buried in large bills that were mostly unread by our elected representatives.

This Foster’s Outriders effort is not Left or Right. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of attaching pet projects or government expansions into unrelated bills. This is how we end up with $25 million to “save the Kennedy Center” in a bill aimed at helping our healthcare system cope with COVID-19.

Forty-one U.S. states, Australia, Ireland, and Switzerland (in one form or another) prohibit bills with more than one subject. This means one vote for respirators and a subsequent, separate bill for the $20 billion to the U.S. Postal Service.

The American federal government does not abide by this policy. And it is needed now more than ever.

One Bill/One Subject will increase accountability and transparency. This means you can’t pass a bill to find out later what’s inside of it.

Join Foster’s Outriders in supporting H.R. 6635 and S.B. 3845 to begin the process of transparency.

Every bill should focus on one topic or issue. It is past time for transparency and accountability.

Please support one bill/one subject by contacting your representatives and Senators.

Head Wrangler

As outriders keep the herd on the right trail, Foster’s Outriders help keep the government on the right path. Foster’s Outriders was inspired by the welders that Foster met during his campaign for governor. Outriders help “The Kingdom of DC” political elites relate to the hard-working families whose tax dollars are spent like Monopoly money with no sensitivity to what that costs every day, hard-working taxpayers.

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