Olympic Medalists Owe the Rest of Us

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Athletic inequality in America is dividing us all; time to Occupy Olympics?

Congressional chambers, White House corridors, and Internal Revenue cubicles are filled with the sounds of people cheering for Team USA in the Olympics, but for a different reason than you and me:

The federal government taxes Olympic medalists both for the honorarium prize money they receive and for the medals themselves. So it’s not “go for the gold to glorify your nation and make your people proud.” It’s for the gold to add to federal coffers so our political leaders (the ones we for some reason freely choose) can bribe us with our own money, drowning all of us in an Olympian pool of debt. Yeah. USA.

As I think about it, it’s not fair that these exceptional athletes receive money for using their talents while the rest of us get nothing, simply because we did not have the same opportunities. The athletic inequality in this country–just look around you!–is staggering. When will the slobs and sloths among us rise up against the unjust rewards given to those who give their blood, sweat, and tears for Olympic financial rewards? Let’s tax them more! Let’s mandate that they melt their medals into participation pins for the rest of us! We built their tracks, their fields, their courts, their pools, their shoes! We allowed them the freedom and safety to train without worrying about scraping by! They get to be superior athletes, we lesser mortals should get their money. It’s only fair, as President Obama has taught us.

Don’t be inspired by these athletes to do something, however small, to improve your own life. Be jealous. Get angry. March in the streets. Occupy Olympics.

By the way, on the topic of inequality and greed that brings a nation down versus real fairness and true hope that can build a people up, I 100% recommend seeing The Dark Knight Rises right away.

Read Jonathan Last’s take on this absurdity at the Weekly Standard (1/2 page).

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