Carrying Other's Burdens

While Giving Tuesday has come and gone

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While Giving Tuesday has come and gone, we wanted all of you to learn of a $500,000 challenge grant ($382,545 still to be matched) taking place at Jackson Hole Classical Academy (JHCA) to provide tuition assistance for students.

Key supporters at the school are quadrupling every dollar from $1 to $100. Donations over $100 are doubled.

Jackson is perceived as a wealthy community, but the student body reflects families who live here year ’round: construction workers, teachers, nurses…More than half of the families need some help with the tuition.

A classical education inspires a life-long pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The Christian tradition of love for God and neighbor is held high, and other traditions are kept: the Pledge of Allegiance, the Lord’s Prayer, the Golden Rule.

Throughout the challenging curriculum that includes Latin and Great Books are embedded important aspirational values of a virtuous life such as courage, kindness, wisdom, citizenship, and perseverance.

We encourage you to visit the JHCA website, a 501(c)(3), to donate. Or, you can send a check to P. O. Box 7466, Jackson, WY 83002 made out to Jackson Hole Classical Academy.

Your donation is tax-deductible, but the greater reward is knowing you are both helping a child get a fabulous education and also blessing the hard working parents who sacrifice significantly to contribute their share of the tuition.

Here is a 44-second video from last week’s Ceremony of Carols:

Merry Christmas,
Foster, Lynn, Steve and Polly Friess

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