In both Neil Cavuto interviews, Foster highlighted the importance to our country of a “Return to Civility”. Paraphrasing Senator Bernie Sanders’ remarks that these “revolutions” start at the bottom, each of us can set examples by opening the door for those behind us, man or woman. It might be a while before Ted Cruz and Donald Trump agree to be honorary chairmen of the effort.

You can learn how Foster responds to Neil’s question who he is supporting now that Rick Santorum has returned to the bench. What are the ramifications of an open convention? Neil acknowledged how candidates do not seem to be responding that our Kurdish Peshmerga allies are being gassed with chlorine and now mustard gas.

April 4, 2016 Fox News Interview with Neil Cavuto

April 5, 2016 Fox Business Interview with Neil Cavuto


  • Randy says:

    Some may view Foster’s call to civility as a quaint, throwback, concept. In fact, it is an absolute necessity if we are to halt obstructionist politics and the deterioration of the political process. It must be reversed if we are to advance the cause of the Republic and address the issues that threaten our survival. To effect this people need to engage in a dialogue and listen to counter views. Human nature dictates that without civility engaging and listening is impossible.

  • Elaine Bandy says:

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