Reporter Ned Resnikoff of International Business Times asked my opinion about Charles Koch’s recent comments about possibly supporting Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee. Here is my response:

will energetically and enthusiastically support the Republican nominee be it Trump, Cruz, Kasich or whomever. The next president will in all likelihood appoint three Supreme Court justices. If Hillary Clinton were elected our right to protect our lives and the lives of our family by being able to own guns would be gone. She has been surrounded by armed guards most of her life and does not realize the danger in many of the neighborhoods young women must navigate. 30% of gun purchases are women. Any Republican president would join those Democrats who believe these women have a right to protect their lives and the lives of their family.

Mrs. Clinton promises to continue President Obama’s policies which has generated a greater divisiveness in our country than that which existed seven years ago. Bigotry towards the values on which our nation was founded and are now inconsistent with those mandated by the government under President Obama would increase. Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, the world’s highest corporate income tax, which drives our corporations to move overseas would not be brought into line with the much lower rates in other countries.

Republican policies would be more responsive to the 74% of Americans who do not enjoy college degrees….our plumbers, welders, hospitality workers, by reducing healthcare costs and creating better employment opportunities for them. Helping them free themselves from dependency on the government.


Ned Resnikoff’s article included the following quotes:

Wyoming investment manager and Koch network associate Foster Friess, who initially supported Rick Santorum’s now-defunct bid for the Republican nomination, told International Business Times he would “enthusiastically support the Republican nominee,” no matter who it turned out to be.

Ned went on to highlight my paragraph about  the increased divisiveness of the past seven years but due to space limitations was not able to mention  “the right to protect our lives” and the need to better address needs of 74% of Americans who do not enjoy a college education.

Let’s all continue to work towards a return to civility. 

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  • Patsy Wilcox says:

    I agree with Foster, We cannot even think of 4 years or more with either one of the 2 Democrat Nominees, especially after all that America has gone thru the last almost 8 years. We have to restore America if we possibly can.

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