Foster is excited about beginning the healing process

By November 11, 2016 5 Comments

He is out of pocket and wanted me to convey how encouraged he is that so many of you responded to his vision to restore civility, truth, the Rule of Law and kindness to our culture.

He says our first task is to express graciousness to those that lost without yielding on our principles.

They are the ones who have more influence on demonstrators who do not read Foster’s emails.

Foster’s wonders if it’s fair to label Donald Trump a racist for his stance on immigration when every Senator and Congressman gave President Bill Clinton a standing ovation for essentially an identical stance.

Foster encourages you to forward the below one minute video. We will send in a separate email to make it easier to forward.

President George W. Bush signed The Secure Fence Act on October 26, 2006 after it passed the Senate 80-19. Democrat “Yea” votes included Senator’s Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and Senators Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Is their vote to build a fence and President-elect Trump’s pledge to build a wall that much different to justify labeling him a racist?

Foster points out, in 1979, Jimmy Carter deported all Iranians with expired visas and did not issue new visas to citizens of Iran.  “Extreme vetting” of Muslims might be slightly different but most Americans believe a wise policy.

Most don’t know, when Foster was 17 years old, he confronted motel owners in his home town as to why they would not accommodate blacks or Jews.  If that gangly 17-year-old kid could confront injustice and respectfully strive for fairness and truth, imagine what we can do if we all work together.

The values of justice and opportunity for all, that Donald Trump promises, still drive Foster’s daily activities. He loves America every bit as much as Donald Trump.

He encourages you to start today to expand your email, Facebook and Twitter lists.  Ask those in your community, your workplace, your industry, golf club, bridge club, bowling league….. to sign onto the mission to receive the Express Rider emails you will forward to them. Encourage them also to forward.

Find a young person to teach you how to harness the power of social media to emulate how Donald Trump circumvented mainstream media.

Foster needs your ideas. Click here to express them so Foster and others can benefit from your creativity and enthusiasm.

Foster sends his gratitude for your encouragement.

Happy Veterans Day!

God Bless,


  • Vern &Kathy Brust says:

    Thank you for having the energy and love of our country to keep us informed and what is important. Keep up the good work. Also thank Judy Jost for giving us the time and dates when you will be featured on T.V.. I was very surprised that Wisconsin was able to pull off the electoral votes to carry the state especially after Paul Ryan didn’t give Trump any extra help.

  • Greetings from the Carolinas! We are so grateful for your leading the charge of speaking the truth in love during this crucial time in history. We are with you…let’s ride!

  • Patsy Wilcox says:

    Foster, I am thankful I had more than one opportunity to meet you. I appreciate you all you have done and still do. The first night I met you, Rick Santorum was running for President (he would still make a great President) and you came to Kansas City area for great event for Rick Santorum. I have met and made so many good friends since that night, for which I am thankful. I appreciate all you do for our Great Country and did for Rick. GOD Bless America.

  • kimberly gienko says:

    All of Foster’s efforts, peaceful and powerful have made the difference !
    I am happy to spread these messages like wild fire, and keep the momentum
    of the movement growing.

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you again Foster, As one who has lived with immigration strife for over 60 years, I can offer a viewpoint from ground zero. The lineage of most hispanic immigrants in California, Arizona, and Texas dates back over 400 years, when the southwest was a part of THEIR country. Mexican-Americans want to see this problem resolved. The path to unity has to provide respect and inclusiveness… families, teachers, and police officers all know this. Our primary problem is with Washington politics where so much time is wasted playing give and take with issues that should have been resolved many, many Presidents ago. There are over 12,000,000 human beings who are being insulted by Washington’s deception and neglect… they deserve the freedom that I enjoy. You’ll be surprised at how much they love America and how hard they work to care for it. Blessings on us

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