Foster and CNN’s Carol Costello discuss resolving Donald Trump’s conflict of interest

By November 17, 2016 3 Comments


  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster, You gave perfect answers to Carol’s offbeat questions… thanks. Are her tax returns public? I’ll trust the IRS and FBI to pursue irregularities. Let’s share our good fortune that Mr. Trump will be our next President. There’s violence in our streets and Mr. Obama is in Greece chastising 60,000,000 Americans who have needed this change in leadership for more than 24 years. Speaking of no leadership… where is HRC? The only reason our children are marching in protest is because they are too young to have figured her out yet! Shame on her and shame on her hateful followers. Blessings on you sir.

  • kimberly gienko says:

    I agree with Foster, there is no Conflict Of Interest.

    The Trump children will continue to run the Commercial Real Estate Projects
    as they do now. And regarding the bank of China, foreign banking relationships are a huge bonus for any
    President, especially when we are working to freeze and reverse our national debt.

    As far as hosting events at his own golf club….. I thought that was a silly question from
    CNN. Doesn’t everybody host events at their golf clubs ? Private meetings, weddings, large parties
    are just easier and more cost effective at your golf club.

  • David Nadler says:

    Great job Foster, as always. You are very brave going on CNN to talk about Trump, knowing they will do everything they can to corner you into saying something
    they can use against Trump. They are not interested in what you say, they have an agenda to prove how bad Trump is. Yet, you continue to smile and try to put
    your two cents in. Very brave indeed. And thank God for people like you who stand up for what’s right and speak the truth.

    Being that I work for the National Small Business Association, of which you are a great supporter, we see a Trump administration as a great opportunity to right the wrongs done to small businesses for years. We can finally address the issues of taxation, regulation, Obamacare, access to capital and all the things that have been grinding small businesses down. Small businesses are the number one employer in the country and are therefore the backbone of our economy. If we are going to grow economically, it’s time to get off the backs of small businesses, get out of their pockets and let them create the jobs we will need. We will be hard at work pleading our case to the Trump administration and we do hope our readers, and all Americans, support our cause. I can be reached at 803-343-2569 or [email protected], should anyone want to join our efforts.

    Thank you again for all you do. David Nadler

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