If we desire to “Return Civility, Truth, Rule of Law and Kindness” to our culture, Rachel’s Challenge is a powerful tool.

Rachel Scott’s father turned the tragedy of his daughter being the first one shot in the Columbine school shooting in 1999 to an effort that averted seven other school shootings and rescued 100’s from suicide.

School officials report a high reduction in bullying, a greater respect among students and a kindness that even seeps out into the community.

Forward this email to every superintendent, principal and school guidance counselor in your community.

We will succeed in returning civility and kindness to our culture by harnessing Rachel’s Challenge.

Rachel’s Challenge is an effort all Americans can embrace……from the LEFT or from the RIGHT and independent of religious persuasion.

If you haven’t completed your 2016 giving yet, please cost Lynn and me some money by going to Rachel’s Challenge website and making your donation or you can mail your check to: Rachel’s Challenge, 7901 Southpark Plaza, #210, Littleton, Colorado 80120.

Merry Christmas,



  • Vicky says:

    Thank you for your efforts and work for bringing unconditional love and compassion to all our children communities and the world. May many blessings come your way. You are truly doing Gods and our beautiful Jesus plans on this earth that we are living in right now. Keep spreading the love.
    This is needed in my small town as well. There are many barriers in our town, but my church family and I will continue to be the light for Jesus and his children here on earth.
    How can we get this program/film to my community?

    Thank you. Jesus Lives.

  • Jeff Alder says:

    We’re in! Lisa and I just donated a “double nickel” ($1000) to Rachel’s Challenge.

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