Lynn and I were honored to participate in the prayer time at St. John’s Episcopal Church immediately prior to the Swearing in Ceremony. Present were Vice President-elect Mike Pence, President-elect Donald Trump, and the Cabinet and all their families.

Here is James Robison’s comments and prayer:

What a beautiful sight! (To Mr. Trump: Do you mind standing?)

What a beautiful family! …I honestly believe, I remember Eric saying to me the first time we met, “He’s a great father.” (To Eric) You said, “We’re going to win this thing!” Eric, you talked about winning it for us, for America, for the sake of freedom. 

Galatians 5:1 says, “It’s for freedom Christ set us free.” That freedom, true freedom, was purchased at a great price. It’s been protected at a great price. And it will continue to be with great leadership.

(To Donald Trump) The first time you and I talked, I shared with you something I thought was very helpful—and knowing you and watching you, sometimes you would wonder if there is any way possible.

I said, “Let me talk with you about humility and meekness, with the emphasis on meekness. It’s not weakness.” I said, “It’s taking great power and submitting it with the kind of biblical direction that enables it to fulfill what its strength enables it to do.”

I used two examples of meekness: Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan. I said, “These two men have submitted as deeply as any people I’ve had the opportunity to observe up close to the wisdom that enabled them to do great things that benefited all the people and extended the right for freedom.”

I said, “It’s like taking the power of a thoroughbred like Secretariat and yielding it to the wisdom and guidance of a 100-pound jockey.” I said, “Sir, the meekness that God has given you is as great as any I have ever witnessed—and ability to move and motivate people that is nothing short of a divine, supernatural enabling.”

I said, “Sir, if you yield the gifts of God and the strength that He put in you, not for your purposes but for His kingdom purpose, you’ll win a triple crown. You’ll win an election and you’ll save the day, even the future of freedom, and restore the foundation and the walls essential to protect it.”

I have had the joy—and I want to thank you for this joy. I’ve never been treated in 55 years of public ministry with greater honor, respect, sincere appreciation and gratitude, and joining me seeking God in prayer. Sir, you have been amazing to be with. To God be the glory!

It is an answer to a lot of the prayers of the people here and around the world. You are in fact an answer to prayer. Seventy-three years I’ve been in this life, and the greatest Cabinet I’ve ever seen is seated right here. I think you have been designed and gifted by God for this moment.

If you, too, together will submit to the wisdom God freely offers, it is going to be an amazing journey. I compliment your family. I want to say this to you, the family: Will all of you join me praying from now on that we will someday hear it said in the church, the family of God, what a beautiful family, what an awesome family!


Father, I pray for President-elect Donald Trump. Thank you for his beautiful family, for a beautiful First Lady. Thank you for the wisdom that was manifested when he began with the choice of Gov. Mike Pence, now our Vice President-elect, and his wife and family, and this Cabinet is amazing.

Father, I ask you to pour out your wisdom. Let it flow like a river, and let everyone around him receive that wisdom and encourage him.

We stand against the forces of distraction, dissension and division that would in any way keep people from hearing the transforming truth of your Word. God, we’re asking you to pour out Your love, Your compassion, and give us Your courage, Your boldness, that we may fulfill Your will on this earth.

We believe, dear God, that the stage is set for the next great spiritual awakening, and I believe with all my heart it is absolutely essential.

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for giving us a leader who is fearless, who is tireless, who is committed and who has so obviously, by his very manner and the way he treats people and expresses appreciation for them, and the way he has forgiven those who have been unkind, and even given them an opportunity to serve.

God, I want to thank you that we have seen the transformation of his own heart and mind in his actions. I pray, dear God, that those actions would continue to always speak louder than words.

God, pour out your love on our nation and pour out your love through our nation. We not only want you to bless America, but God, we want America to bless You by blessing the people around the world that You love so deeply. Thank you for this moment.

I ask you to build a hedge of protection around the President and Vice President, their families, the Cabinet, our national leadership.

And God, would you heal the division in our Congress, and Lord, would you heal the division that has been in Your church too long? And let us see this miracle awakening. And we will give you the glory, praise and thanksgiving, forever and ever.

God bless you, Vice President Pence and President-to-be Trump. Would you say amen?


  • Dave Spackman says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring!

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thanks again Foster. Intolerance is one of the very earliest signs of ignorance. Our new President’s tolerance shines in contrast… tolerance is one of the very first steps toward love! President Trump freely spoke of loving our country and loving our people. Our justice system, including law enforcement, loves the law that keeps America free and protects the liberties that we almost lost. Our congregations love a living God that shares the wisdom and grace that is leading us away from destruction. Let’s pray our opponents can trade their ignorance for enough tolerance to see how the courage and dedication of our new leadership is changing America! Blessings on us all… thanks again!

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