Is this the way we want our society to function?

Join the effort to Return Civility to our culture by inviting someone who opposes you to coffee/lunch/dinner.

God Bless,

Let’s all of us promote Civility.
Together We’ll Get There!


  • James Gray says:

    My simple reply is “love in action.”

  • Larry Bailey says:

    Interesting that the theological differences are not discussed between these two. Civility between consenting adults is one thing; perversion between consenting ANYBODIES is quite another.

  • David says:

    Foster, that is an outstanding video…thank you so much for passing it along.

    • Jena says:

      The only real perversion is judging and casting out your neighbors. Consult Jesus if this notion feels mysterious to you.

  • Chris Sandvig says:


    what a wonderful up lifting message from a couple of terrific mid-westerners. Way to go. Chris

  • Ben Detwiler says:

    Foster, good story thanks for sharing. I hope this doesn’t mean your leaving Lynn & running away with Carl Gates.

  • Doug Boehr says:

    Such a great first step. Actually amazing. I long to see them listen to each other’s hearts to understand a bit about [email protected] their ideology comes from.

  • Laetitia Coolidge Ayars says:

    Thank you Foster!What a heartwarming story.

  • DEANNA B. MARTIN says:

    I Love this. No judgment No condemnation Just love and respect.

  • Trish says:

    Thank you Foster.

  • Frank says:

    Pretty awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great video! We definitely need more of this. Those of us who are Christians should be leading the way in reaching out to others who are not like us to show them the love of God. This is what we are called to do in this world. Thanks, Foster, for sharing this video!

  • Lynn Reichert says:

    Foster, I thoroughly enjoyed this video and passed it along to many Baptist pastors here in Kentucky. I just finished my PhD dissertation on the subject of ways in which the church can interface and work with the secular world. Bob and Donna in this video did exactly what my research study proposed. By the way, the #1 key to interfacing the church and the secular is the word “TRUST”. Thanks Foster for sharing this with your Rice Lake, WI classmate.

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